10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Ghana

Ghana – State in West Africa. In the north-north-west, it borders with Burki na Faso, in the east – with Togo, in the west – with Côte d’Ivoire. In the south, it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The state got its name from the ancient empire of Ghana. The area of the country is 238537 km2. Ghana is a flat country with the exception of a small ridge of hills on the eastern border. The sandy coastal region is crossed by several rivers, which, however, are completely non-navigable. Keep reading and see top-10 dog breeds in Ghana.

  1. It is believed that mongrel dogs have better health than purebred dogs. This quality is allegedly due to the fact that they are usually associated with different species, while purebred dogs are often the product of closely related breeding, which negatively affects their genetic and physiological health.

  2. A strong, independent, stubborn, and level-headed South African Boerboel is perfect for the role of family protector and guard. However, those wishing to get this dog must remember about its proper education and socialization. This breed is considered to be quite dangerous, so it is best to immediately contact a professional trainer. It is very difficult to re-educate a dog and correct mistakes.

  3. The German Shepherd Dog was bred in the 19th century. Captain Max von Stephanitz has been collecting the best herding dogs in Germany for many years in order to get a new breed from them. He had an ambitious goal - to breed the perfect breed. It turned out to be a German shepherd. These dogs were distinguished by high intelligence, endurance, calm disposition, devotion to the man and their work, they got along well with other animals, but at the same time, they could repulse the enemy. All these qualities are reflected in the German shepherd.

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