10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Spain

Spain is one of the best travel destinations in Western Europe. But aside from rooftop parties and delicious tapas, it is also the birthplace of many wonderful dog breeds. In fact, the country has quite a few dog breeds that are unique to them. Some of the heritage of the dog breeds in Spain today can even be traced to more than 5,000 years to breeds in Ancient Egypt.

  1. Papillon, also known as continental toy spaniel, is an ornamental companion dog, whose business card is graceful ears decorated with long hair, reminiscent of the spread wings of a butterfly. Papillons are optimists and extroverts who expect constant feedback from the owner.
    Representatives of this breed have irrepressible energy, therefore, they require systematic and prolonged walking.

  2. The Pyrenean mountain dog is the best friend of kids and the ideal patrolman for the backyard and yard, past which even the nimblest mouse will not slip unnoticed. Despite the elegant appearance, this snow-white brutal is unpretentious and moderately tempered, therefore it is able to happily live in a street kennel. The breed's patience is also almost angelic: the Pyrenees agree to share their own possessions with any four-legged creatures, provided that the animals do not try to take away their guard status and do not pretend to be an alpha.

  3. The exact origin of the Spanish Water Dog is unknown. Some researchers believe that her ancestors are North African dogs, others are convinced that Turkish traders brought similar dogs to Spain. One way or another, the Spanish Water Dog was known in Andalusia as early as the first millennium. For a long time, she helped shepherds and hunters. However, when shepherds and hunting dogs were introduced, its popularity declined. Then sailors and fishermen began to give birth to pets of this breed, who noticed the animal's love for the water.

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