10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of mysteries. With its secrets and charming features, it never ceases to amaze the imagination of all those whose interest in the Swiss state, their foundations, and mentality constantly fuel the desire to learn more and more about the Confederation. Don’t leave this page and find 10 popular dog breeds in this wonderful country.

  1. Mongrels are the largest group of dogs on earth. Moreover, they have no names, are not classified, and little studied. In fact, these are street dogs that do not have the pedigree and pedigree parents. They are often afraid, offended, but many are happy to take in the house just yard dogs.

  2. Retrievers were bred for hunting, but now they have become family dogs, guide dogs, and companions. By purchasing them, adults get a friend, and children a nanny. Retrievers are also used for medicinal purposes because of their wonderful nature. These dogs are engaged with "special" children after being trained in specialized schools.

  3. Chihuahuas leave no one indifferent. They can evoke love, affection, sympathy, irritation, anything you like, but not indifference. Small in size, but with a strong character and brave heart, Chihuahuas are completely unique. They are energetic, affectionate, playful, and loyal to their family. But even if you are very familiar with this breed, there are probably some things that you do not know about yet. We want to tell you some amazing facts about Chihuahuas.

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