10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in New Zealand

There are some dog breeds in New Zealand which consistently rank among the most popular dogs owned by Kiwis, whereas other breeds rise and fall in popularity, mostly due to social influence. If you’re pet sitting, you’d be lucky to look after any of the fantastic breeds below!

  1. The Labrador is an amazing breed, these dogs are beautiful in every way. They look great and are unmatched in friendliness. In addition, they study well and try to please the person. The Labrador Retriever sincerely loves the whole world and enjoys everyday and event, he is the embodiment of positive, it is impossible not to fall in love with such a dog.

  2. The head of the New Zealand Huntaway is medium-sized, the muzzle is elongated, narrowed towards the nose, the eyes are brown, attentive, the forehead is wide enough, the ears are set high, medium-sized, drooping, the nose is large, black, the neck is muscular, of medium length, the limbs are even, strong, more slender than in a Labrador, but better muscled than in a Border Collie, strong thighs allowing high speed, long back, well-muscled, the tail of medium length.

  3. The Border Collie is a breed of dog that was bred specifically to graze sheep in the hilly areas between England and Scotland. These herding dogs are valued for their keen eyesight and attentiveness. The Border Collie is an unusually active and resilient dog that has become popular with farmers around the world. The animal is easily trainable. Often this breed becomes a participant in various sports competitions.

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