10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Singapore

Dogs have become the most popular pets in families around Singapore and it is not hard to see why. Out of the 150 or more breeds that are made available to us in Singapore, there are a selected few breeds which have made it to the top 10 most popular, and with good reasons!

  1. Shih Tzu is absolute extroverts, fun, mischievous, loving, and trusting. They are cute, gentle tame dogs and great companions. Little optimists love to play and lie around. They are attached to the family and get along well with children who are careful with them. Due to their lively temperament, they are good companions not only for people but also for other animals. Shih Tzu tends to find common ground with everyone.

  2. The Mixed Breed dogs are a cross between different breeds of purebred with outbred dogs, in the exterior of which the signs of one or both parents are clearly visible. Mestizos or half-breeds are not mongrels, some are designer or author's breed groups and cost a lot of money.

  3. Jack Russell Terriers are great hunters and can catch anything from fox to mouse. They like to explore the area for a long time. If Jack Russell gets into the countryside, they can hunt for hours. It should be noted that this breed is distinguished not only by its lively character but also by its quick wits. Therefore, you will not have problems with the behavior of the dog if you start training it from a young age. A properly bred Jack Russell Terrier is an ideal dog for a family with children.

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