10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Norway

  1. Labrador is an intelligent, active, playful and sociable dog, it always strives to please and wants to make friends with everyone. She gets along great with children, but she won't make a security guard. The maximum that a Labrador will do upon seeing a stranger is barking, but then wagging its tail and trying to please. Therefore, it is not recommended to train this breed in guarding and defensive skills.

  2. The Scottish Setter, or Gordon Setter, as it is also called, is characterized by a black and tan coat color. The breed got its name in honor of the Scottish Duke Alexander Gordon. For a long time he worked on the hunting qualities of the breed, and he managed to make it the most sensitive and hardy of all setters.

  3. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a fairly old breed, originally from England. It originated from a cross between Bulldogs and Manchester Terriers, and is the first of a group of breeds known today as the Staffordshire Terrier. Initially, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was used to bait bulls, bears and other wild animals with dogs, but not when hunting, but in the ring. Accordingly, this breed has a rather bloody past.

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