10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Norway

The main part of Norway is located in the “head” and further stretches out in a narrow strip cut by fjords along the entire ridge or “back of the tiger” for 2 thousand kilometers. It is with him, this harsh and beautiful, but rather a southern predator, that we have become accustomed to comparing the outlines of the Scandinavian Peninsula since school times and so recognize it on the map of Europe.

What breeds of dogs are popular in this country? Let’s find out!

  1. German Shepherds get along well with children and other pets if raised with them, but their protective instinct can make them suspicious of strangers. This breed is considered intelligent and easy to train. Some dogs, bred by irresponsible breeders, can be nervous and sensitive. If, in addition, this is combined with poor socialization and inadequate training, then such a dog is at high risk for aggressive and overly protective behavior.

  2. The Border Collie breed is one of the oldest in England. When man first decided to use dogs to help graze and guard livestock, these dogs were just the ancestors of the modern border collie. In fact, they were not very different from the current representatives of the breed. Sizes have changed, perhaps modern dogs are more intelligent and better understand humans, but they still retain many of the characteristics of their older predecessors.

  3. The Norwegian Elkhunds are fearless, reliable, energetic and extremely loyal friend. These dogs are a little shy of strangers, but they are always glad to family members and other acquaintances. Like other northern-type dogs, the Norwegian Elkhund is a relatively independent animal. This independence is needed while the dog is keeping the elk waiting for the hunter, but it can be a problem when it comes to obedience training. The Elkhound's watchdog talents are evident in his tendency to defend territory and bark more dogs of other breeds.

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