10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the top business hub of the Middle East, is famous for its grandeur and luxury. Oil and global trade made the city rich and brought people all over the world to live there. Although dogs are sometimes rejected in Middle Eastern culture for being “unclean” animals (with the exception of the Saluki), the cosmopolitan nature of the city has made pet dogs popular. Although small dogs are popular, as apartments are often small, dogs of all sizes are welcome in the City of Gold.

  1. Like other lapdogs, Bichon Havanese are, first of all, decorative dogs with a cheerful, playful character. However, they also have pretty good watchdog qualities and are distrustful of outsiders, which made it possible to use them to guard livestock. In case of danger, the Havanese is able to demonstrate unexpected fearlessness and act extremely decisively.

  2. In recent years, Yorkshire Terriers have become very popular in the world, and this is not surprising. The adorable little companion dog is friendly, energetic, and easy to keep even in a small apartment. Brief description of the breed Yorkshire Terrier is a brave, hardy, and quick-witted dog of small size, surprisingly delicate and intelligent. The male is usually larger and heavier than the female. The height at the withers can reach 28 cm, but on average - 17-20 cm.

  3. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a family dog and will definitely become a family pet. Likes to be in the spotlight, very sociable. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel simply worships people and loves children. Barks willingly, for them this is the very first way to declare a good mood. But he is not suitable for the role of a watchman, since he sees friends in all people. When raising with him, you should be gentle, but be persistent.

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