10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Finland

Finland is one of the most politically and economically “advanced” countries in the world. Suffice it to say that it was here that women for the first time in Europe gained the right to vote in elections (in 1905), and 90 years later, in 1993, the world’s first SMS message was sent from Finland. Here you can find the most popular dog breeds in Finland.

  1. Labradors tend to get very bored when left alone at home for long periods of time. Unspent energy and lack of attention lead to apathy and destructive behavior in the dog. Happiness for a Labrador is a lot of movement and outdoor play. Ideally, when such a dog lives in a country house, when kept in an apartment, the Labrador needs regular long walks or visits to the park.

  2. The Swedish Elkhound (Jämtland Laika, Large Swedish Elk Laika, Jämthund) is a rather old breed, but it was singled out as an independent breed only in 1946. Most often, their job is to hunt large game (bears, moose), although they are great for hunting small game (hare, sable). In addition to hunting, representatives of this breed are able to be useful as a watchman, guard, and even a sled dog, but more and more often you can find dogs of this breed.

  3. The German Shepherd is a regular at the top of the ratings of the smartest, most loyal, most trainable pets. The noble "faces" of these dogs often appear in news stories, on newspaper strips, and even in the title roles of various TV shows. But the main vocation of the Germans remains not an acting career, but the maintenance of order. They serve in the police, border, and customs units, and assist in search and rescue operations.

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