10 Phrases a True Dog Lover Would Never Say

Very often people describe themselves as dog lovers but based on a few statements one sometimes quickly recognizes that there is not much behind the supposed love of dogs. Here are 10 phrases a true dog lover would never say.

Loving dogs means a lot more than just saying it. Based on a few statements, you can quickly and clearly see whether the love for dogs is really meant seriously. Read 10 phrases that a true dog lover would never put in their mouths.

“I have this breed because it is so beautiful. I don’t care about the temperament.”

No dog lover sees their dog as a status symbol. Unlike luxurious cars or expensive handbags, dogs have needs and feelings that dog owners have to deal with.

The character decides whether the dog suits you or not. Unfortunately, many people only choose their dogs based on looks. This often means that you do not do justice to the requirements and nature of the animal.

Australian Shepherds, for example, are very popular because of their piebald coat, but they need a lot of physical and mental exercise. If you only pay attention to their appearance, you will quickly be overwhelmed.

“I’m getting a small dog that doesn’t need that much exercise.”

It is a misconception that small dogs need less exercise than large dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier is a good example of how active even small dogs can be. Although there are dog breeds that are particularly sporty and more relaxed, this does not necessarily have anything to do with size.

True dog lovers know that every dog needs a lot of exercise and activity every day. If that’s too much hassle for you, it’s better to choose another, less expensive pet.

“I don’t like shelter dogs or mixed breed dogs.”

Every dog is fascinating and lovable in its own way. Whether a crossbreed from the animal shelter or a pedigree dog with a pedigree doesn’t matter for a true dog lover. Of course, some dog owners prefer a certain breed or mix, but real dog lovers give every dog a chance.

“The smell of dogs is disgusting.”

Dogs definitely have a characteristic body odor, which is particularly noticeable when the animals are wet. Anyone who loves dogs also accepts this smell. In fact, many dog owners really like their own dog’s body odor.

“These dog hairs all over the place bother me.”

Dog lovers are not bothered by dog hair lying around. Depending on the breed, there can be a lot of hair, but anyone who loves dogs accepts it. You can also vacuum more often and always have a lint roller ready to remove most of the fur.

“Are you talking to the dog? That’s completely insane!”

Many dog owners talk to their pets – and nobody needs to be ashamed of that. Talking to your own dog can even be good for your own mental health and is completely normal. True dog lovers wouldn’t judge anyone for talking to their dog for that.

“My dog can be left alone all day.”

Every dog should learn to be able to stay alone. However, it is not okay to leave your dog alone at home all the time. If you get a dog, you have to take care of it, keep it busy, and invest a lot of time in it. True dog lovers know that.

“The constant barking gets on my nerves.”

When dogs bark, they want to tell us something. If a dog barks in a continuous loop, something is wrong. Dog lovers know that the dog should not be calmed down simply by scolding it – which usually doesn’t work anyway. The cause of the barking must be identified and eliminated.

Every dog barks now and then. Anyone who really loves dogs does not feel disturbed by them and knows what their four-legged friend wants to say to them.

“My dog is old/sick, now I put him in an animal shelter.”

Every dog grows old or sick one day and is then dependent on the help of its owner. A true dog lover sticks by their pet even on the toughest of days and would never say they would put their longtime friend in an animal shelter because of it. If you get a dog, you have to be aware that you have to take care of your pet for the rest of your dog’s life.

“It’s just a dog.”

If your own dog is not doing well, it can be very stressful. When the day for the final farewell has come, a world collapses for real dog lovers. Coping with the grief of losing your dog is very difficult.

People who then say it’s “just” a dog probably don’t know how close and strong the bond between humans and dogs can be. Anyone who says something like that is not only obviously not a dog lover, but also hurts the dog owner. If you are grieving for your dog, you should therefore only surround yourself with true dog lovers who can understand your grief and your pain.

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