The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Small dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. Many small dog breeds are also well suited as family dogs. Here you will find the 10 smallest dog breeds in the world – with their peculiarities and character traits.

Small but mighty! Small dog breeds are well suited for city apartments, but it should not be forgotten that even small dogs need sufficient exercise, variety for the head and consistent training. These are the 10 smallest dog breeds in the world.

10th place: Affenpinscher

Minimum size 25 cm
Weight 4-6kg

The Affenpinscher is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. The small dogs are considered to be extremely brave and alert. The dense fur is rough and always black according to the standard. Affenpinschers hate boredom and can be stubborn at times.

9th place: Japan Chin

Minimum size 25 cm
Weight 3-5kg
The Japanese Chin was already the favorite dog of high society in the 18th century. The fur of the elegant dog is very fine and long. Japanese Chins are considered to be particularly affectionate. In addition, the little dog is extremely docile and eager to learn.

8th place: Shih Tzu

Minimum size 20 cm
Weight 4-7kg
Shih Tzus are said to resemble a small lion. They come from the monasteries of Tibet. Shih Tzus have a long coat with a thick undercoat – grooming is very time-consuming. His cheerful and lovable character makes the Shih Tzu a good family dog.

7th place: Pekingese

Minimum size 20 cm
Weight 5-5.5kg
The Pekingese is originally from China. The small dogs wear a lush coat of hair, all colors are allowed. Pekingese are considered smart, self-confident and alert – but they are also affectionate and cuddly.

6th place: Maltese

Minimum size 20 cm
Weight 3-4kg

Maltese are originally from the Mediterranean region, where they were bred to track rats and mice in coastal towns. Their fur is long, silky, and always white. The small dogs are curious, active and adventurous – but also very affectionate.

5th place: Prague Rattler

Minimum height 19 cm
Weight 1.5-3.5kg
Prague ratters used to be kept mainly in pens to drive away small rodents. Often confused with Miniature Pinschers or Chihuahuas, the Prague Ratter is slightly larger. The small dogs need enough exercise and want to be trained.

4th place: Belgian Griffon

Minimum height 18 cm
Weight 2.5-5.5kg
The Belgian Griffon had already achieved cult status around the year 1900. The elegant little dogs with a short, rough coat are considered ideal family dogs. They are loyal, fond of children and very well tolerated. The Belgian Griffon loves all kinds of puzzles and games of skill.

3rd place: Pomeranian

Minimum height 18 cm
Weight 2-3.5kg
The Pomeranian is probably the oldest dog breed in Central Europe. Its fox-like head and pointy little ears give it a perky appearance. Pomeranians like to take care of everything that belongs to the family: children, house and land. They are considered exceptionally affectionate.

2nd place: Yorkshire Terriers

Minimum height 18 cm
Weight 2.4-3.2kg
Despite their small size, Yorkshire Terriers are not lap dogs. They love to move and play. Their original task was rat and mouse hunting in Scotland. The Yorkshire Terrier has retained this hunting instinct to this day. A consistent education is therefore important.

1st place: Chihuahua

Minimum size 15 cm
Weight 2-3kg

Chihuahuas are originally from Mexico. They are considered to be the smallest dogs in the world – but they have a surprisingly high level of self-confidence. Chihuahuas are extremely keen to run and have a lot of stamina. They will do anything for their people and are extremely courageous.

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