13 Books Every Schnauzer Dog Owner Should Read

Schnauzers are the common name for three dog breeds, whose homeland is Germany. Schnauzers are distinguished by size: miniature schnauzer, Mittel schnauzer, giant schnauzer. In appearance, the listed breeds are absolutely similar, while their growth is from 30 cm to 70 cm, their weight ranges from 4-8 kg to 35-47 kg. The smallest rates are for miniature schnauzers (miniature schnauzers), and the highest for giant schnauzers (large schnauzers).

Mittelschnauzers are medium-sized dogs, their height is about 50 cm, weight is about 17 kg. Schnauzers of all sizes are distinguished by a thick and coarse coat, elongated on the muzzle in the beard and eyebrows. Giant schnauzers and Mittel schnauzers perform well as service dogs, and miniature schnauzers, due to their small size, mostly play the role of pets, living in an apartment.

Here you’ll find 14 books about this wonderful breed.

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