14 Books Every Brittany Spaniel Dog Owner Should Read

The Brittany Spaniel breed of dogs is very affectionate and loving animals. It would seem that this is a hunting dog, which carries primitive instincts, which is why it is capable of being ruthless in relation to its prey. But, in fact, these qualities are manifested only in the process of hunting, and in the circle of his beloved people, and indeed in ordinary life, this is an incredibly harmonious creature.

They are always happy to help the owner, open and cheerful. Kindness, affection, responsiveness – all these qualities are inherent in every Breton, without exception. However, there is one subtle point. These animals by nature can be very shy, in order to get rid of such a character trait, they need to socialize in the right way. To do this, you need to walk with your dog on a visit, introduce it to other people, adults and children, acquaint it with other people, not only with dogs but, preferably, with cats. This is all the more necessary if you plan to have a cat at home in the future.

Read the article in order to see a list of cool books.

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