14 Books Every Bolognese Dog Owner Should Read

The Little Bolognese is often confused with the Maltese Bolonka. In fact, they have only a common ancestor – a small dog, known since the days of Ancient Rome. Like Maltese, the Italian Bolonka was wildly popular and often became an ideal gift for the European nobility.

I cannot say exactly how the name of the breed is spelled. According to many sources, it is correct this way and that – Bolognese, Bolognese, Italian Bolonka, Bologna Bichon. All this is an ancient decorative breed, developed in the territory of modern Italy. The first records of small dogs were made by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. A disciple of Plato. From 343 BC e. – tutor of Alexander the Great, who gave them the name canes melitenses. However, the ancient Greek philosopher described 2 lines at once under one name – the Italian and Maltese Bolonka.

Here you’ll find 14 books about this wonderful breed.

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