14 Books Every Dachshund Dog Owner Should Read

The Dachshund is a strong, undersized dog whose characteristic feature is an elongated body resting on strong short legs. The muzzle is long, dry, the eyes are large, expressive, the ears are long, drooping, with round ends. The deep rib cage protrudes forward when the head is raised, the tail is set low. The front feet are slightly curved for stability, they are shorter and thicker than the hind feet. The back is straight, and the withers and croup should be approximately at the same level.

If we talk about size, then three types are the norm for dachshunds: standard (about 10 kg), dwarf (4-5 kg), and rabbit (from 3 kg or less). But the height at the withers for a dachshund is not critical (usually about 20 cm), therefore, more often standards are indicated by chest coverage (about 35 cm for a standard, 30 cm for a dwarf, and less than 30 cm for a rabbit).

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