14 Books Every Pomeranian Dog Owner Should Read

The Pomeranian is a tiny fidget with a pretty face, who cannot imagine life without active walks in the fresh air. The breed combines remarkable intelligence and temperamental character of large relatives. This teddy bear will fearlessly rush to your defense if it sees the enemy in a random passer-by. Despite loyalty and love, the Pomeranian will not sit at the owner’s feet for a long time. For him, lying in the foliage and throwing out energy in an active game is much more interesting.

Looking at the little ball coiled comfortably in an armchair, it is difficult to imagine that his ancestors were several times larger and lived in the territory of modern northern European countries. This is evidenced by the archaeological burials of the Neolithic era. The so-called peat dogs were used for locomotion due to their endurance and strength. It should be noted that this method is still widespread in Iceland and Lapland.

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