14 Books Every Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Owner Should Read

The Swiss Mountain Dog character is balanced, friendly, and open. We can say that this is a big and strong kind-hearted man who adores children. But, do not flatter yourself – if it occurs to you to offend a child from the family of this large and strong dog, or offend its owner, you will have a hard time. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog will give its life for its family, if necessary, since the instincts of the protector of this breed are extremely strong, and have roots going back centuries.

They are very fond of various types of activity, walks, workouts, games, and thrive in the company of their loved ones when they feel that they have an important place in the life of their family. These dogs need to know that they are needed, they cannot just uselessly spend days lying on a soft pillow next to a bowl of food.

Just keep reading and find a perfect book for yourself.

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