20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

  1. The Australian Shepherd is a harmonious combination of good looks and flexible intelligence. These dogs are known all over the world as reliable and loyal companions who will cheer you up with their funny antics. For Aussies, there is no better entertainment than an active walk with the owner in a city park. Animals truly enjoy the company of their family and do not like being alone for a long time. This charming shagmatist will show you by his example what inexhaustible optimism and the ability to have fun all day long!

  2. 18 Boxer

    Boxers are used as bodyguard dogs, as watchdogs, and for work in law enforcement. Representatives of this breed are smart and balanced, which allows them to be used as guides for the blind. A boxer dog is by nature very mobile, loves to be outdoors, to walk for a long time, to frolic in the open air. Despite her sociability and friendliness in relation to the owner and family members, her attitude towards strangers is cautious, and she is wary of them.

  3. The Pomeranian looks like a child's toy. This fluffy bun will become a loyal friend and a sonorous bark will brighten up the most gloomy day. The Pomeranian Spitz easily finds a common language with the owner, to whom he feels boundless love and loyalty. It is a wonderful friend and companion for conscious children. It is better to refrain from buying an animal for young pranksters.

  4. The Сockapoo is a cross between a small poodle and an American cocker spaniel. Newly bred puppies became cheerful and kind pussies, which had some peculiarities: they did not smell like poodles, they almost did not shed and could become pets for allergy sufferers.

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