5 Clear Signs a Dog is in a Bad Mood

Even in dogs, the mood can change. You can find out here how you can tell that your dog’s good mood is fading and that he is annoyed.

Yes, dogs can be in a bad mood too. However, one should not humanize the mood of our pets. Because “simply bad days” like us humans are alien to dogs. If they feel uncomfortable, there is usually a clear reason.

For example, many dogs mirror the moods of their owners. That means if you’re irritable, your dog is probably too. You can find out here which signs you can use to tell that your dog’s mood is changing.

Lick your mouth, turn your head away, turn away

A dog that wants to withdraw from the current situation usually turns its head away or even turns away completely. If he licks his mouth repeatedly, it’s clear: your dog is uncomfortable. He shows you that his mood is changing.

Walk away, shake, draw in your rod

If your dog just walks away and doesn’t come back, it may have upset him a bit. He can also show that he is annoyed by something by shaking himself or pulling in his tail. This is how he lets you know that he feels uncomfortable.

Hair up

If the dog raises its hair on the neck, back or tail, this initially means arousal. This can be positive (as in playing) or negative (as in a conflict with peers).

It’s important to pay attention to the dog’s overall body language as he ruffles his hair. Excited dogs have a relaxed posture.

On the other hand, you can recognize fear in the dog by the fact that it not only raises its hair, but also

  • clamps his rod.
  • buckles his legs.
  • tightens his ears.
  • arches his back.

However, your dog is aggressive when it raises its fur and

  • his tail wags violently.
  • his head is raised.
  • stretched his legs.

In both ways, your dog shows very clearly that his mood is changing and he feels uncomfortable.

Bark, howl, whimper

Some dogs will loudly point out that they are uncomfortable with the current situation. If your dog barks, howls and/or whines repeatedly, his mood changes. He’s showing you he’s in a bad mood when the rest of his body language is also tense.

Growl, pucker lips, bare teeth

If your dog shows his teeth, he is threatening. It could be that he snaps. Give him the space he demands by growling and baring his teeth. With this behavior, he clearly shows that something doesn’t suit him. Your dog is uncomfortable.

You can do this if your dog’s mood changes

Most importantly, always find out what has upset, annoyed, or irritated your dog. There are many things that we humans mean well that our dogs hate.

Once you have figured out what is bothering your dog, you should resolve the uncomfortable situation for him. For example, change sides of the street if an unpopular fellow appears. Or take your dog to a quieter place if noise is stressing him out. Try to avoid the stress triggers in the future.

If your dog is rather anxious and insecure, you should give him security. Show him that you are in control of the situation. In any case, take his signals seriously and act as soon as your dog feels uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s enough to give him some space and not to pressure him.

If your dog’s mood changes frequently and he repeatedly shows that he is stressed, you should consult a professional dog trainer for advice. He can help you identify the true cause and work to make your dog, and therefore you, more relaxed.

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