10 Ways Dogs Show Their Love

Dogs show affection in different ways. Here’s how you can tell if your dog really loves you.

“My dog loves me!” All dog owners would probably agree with this statement. And indeed: certain behaviors clearly reveal that you are really important to your dog. You can find out what these are here.

Exuberant greetings show love

Nobody greets you as excitedly as your dog? That’s because he’s incredibly excited when you return – and that can be regardless of how long the dog has been alone.

When your dog jumps up and down, does a happy dance and wags its tail, it shows its boundless happiness. He really loves you! Licking your hands, barking and squeaking can also be a sign of how much your four-legged friend missed his loved one.

Licking means affection

Your dog will not only show affection for you by licking you when you say hello. Your four-legged friend already knows the caressing with the tongue from the puppy age: Even a bitch licks her offspring. Not only will your dog show you that he loves you, but he also wants to take care of you.

Don’t want your dog licking you? Wean him off the habit with great caution so as not to rudely reject his love.

Physical contact is a token of love

Your dog only seeks physical contact with the person he really cares about. But beware: Dogs are not fans of hugs like us two-legged friends. On the other hand, they prefer to enjoy physical closeness by cuddling on the sofa or by being stroked extensively.

If your dog wants to be physically close to you, he shows that he loves you.

Eye contact means true intimacy for dogs

Would you look a stranger in the eye for a long time? Probably not. And it’s the same with our dogs. Prolonged eye contact between dog and owner gives both love, trust and security.

Oxytocin, the so-called “cuddle hormone”, is released in the dog’s body during the familiar eye contact. It strengthens the bond between the animal and its owner.

But beware of misunderstandings: never force eye contact with your dog! This will make him uncomfortable and make him irritable.

Your dog likes to lean on you

You only like to lean on people you trust. So if your dog leans against you, it’s a clear sign that he loves you. He enjoys your closeness and trusts you.

If he also does this in frightening situations, he shows that you give him security. He can fully rely on you!

In dangerous situations, your dog will turn to you

If your dog really loves you, he will look to you for protection when he is in potential danger. Also, he will look up to you and watch your reactions when he is unsure or scared.

But a dog will only do that if he can rely on you to have problematic situations under control – unlike him. He has real faith in you!

It is important for your dog that you are always nearby

When your dog trusts you, you are also a member of his pack. Dogs are highly social animals that always want to be close to their pack, including you. That’s why your dog shows his affection by following you everywhere and checking to see if you’re still around while playing with others or at home. This is how dogs show their love.

Socks and shoes of a loved one are important to him

Many people don’t like it when the dog drags socks or shoes away. But if your dog really loves you, your smell is very important to him. Dogs perceive the world primarily through their noses, which is why smells are so important to them.

If you don’t want your dog to steal your clothes and possibly chew on them, make sure you have plenty of other toys.

The favorite toy is only shared with those you trust

If your dog brings his favorite toy to you and wants to play with you, he is also showing that he really cares about you. However, those who receive the beloved toy without being asked to play can feel particularly honored: now the dog wants to present its great toy to its loved one and share it with them. A true sign of devoted love.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to your dog

However, a dog’s affection is also shown by the fact that it also wants to sleep close to its owner. Many dogs love to sleep next to their human in the bed, but that’s not okay for every two-legged friend. Then you can always offer the dog to at least sleep in the same room in the basket. In this way, he can also pursue his urgent need to be as close as possible to his human being.

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