Agility in The Living Room

It’s so wet and gray outside that even the dog doesn’t want to go outside voluntarily? Boredom does not have to arise, just let it rip in the living room. Simply set up an agility course.

Even in bad weather

A dull, rainy day is by no means a reason to hang your head! If you and your four-legged friend don’t feel like hanging out on the sofa all day long, but the weather doesn’t encourage you or the dog to go for a long walk, then simply move the fun into your own four walls! An “agility course” can also be set up quickly in the living room. Look around and you will discover a lot of “building material” for the small obstacle course.

Lots of fun, little effort

We have the flower box or the shelf, which represents a real challenge for four-legged obstacle runners between two chairs. If you don’t have a crawling tunnel in the children’s room (great fun for child and dog together!), simply place two or three chairs in a row and hang a blanket over them – the tunnel is done. However, the chair legs should not be too short, the dog should still be able to raise its head. With small dogs, it is a good idea not to crawl under the chairs, but to let them jump from seat cushion to seat cushion. You can put a shelf on top of two crates of soda and let the dog walk over it. As you look around your home, you’re sure to notice more things that would make an adventure playground, so let your imagination run wild!

Show your dog how to do it!

So that you both don’t lose the fun of it, you should never force your dog to exercise. Rather lure with praise and treats, or just crawl through the tunnel yourself as a good example. Your dog will love you for it! And that certainly pays off on the next walk, if your four-legged friend doesn’t leave your side because he doesn’t want to miss the adventure you’re about to offer him next…

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