American Shorthair: Mouse Catcher with a Lot of Heart

Strictly speaking, the American Shorthair is actually British. When the settlers from Great Britain emigrated to North America, they were always accompanied on the ships by cats, which made sure that the mice did not attack the valuable supplies. These were the ancestors of today’s American Shorthair. The sympathetic mouse catchers have a balanced character, they like to play, but if they feel like it, they are also real fight cuddlers.

American Shorthair: Character

The athletic American is a very uncomplicated cat who has a good average in all character traits. She is playful and curious, but also needs her rest and cuddle phases. When dealing with people, conspecifics, or dogs, she is relaxed and balanced. In other words, the skilled mouse catcher is an ideal companion for families as well as for singles or couples. The American Shorthair, which can be found in almost all colors, is always friendly as a family member and forms a close bond with their family.

American Shorthair: Husbandry and Grooming

The pretty shorthair cat is also fairly easy to care for and keep, provided it comes from a reputable breeder who has socialized it well. Since her original job was catching mice, she likes to play and ideally enjoys being released. If this is not possible, it is advisable to provide her with a conspecific and take time for the animals. Through regular play units with her human, supplemented by cuddly cuddle hours, the American Shorthair builds up an intimate relationship with you and proves to be a lifelong, loyal partner.


The short coat of the American Shorthair is easy to care for, and the lively velvet paws show up in almost every color and pattern. Most breed clubs also accept almost all color variants. The following colors are common: chinchilla, red, blue, black, white, cream, bicolor, tabby (mackerel), smoke, shaded, and calico (tortoiseshell). There are certain specifications for each color, such as red coloring, which may contain little or no white.

History of the American Shorthair

The ancestors of today’s American Shorthair first conquered their new home as mouse catchers in the villages. At that time, however, they initially bore the name Domestic Shorthair. It was not until 1906, when the bloodline of the breed was thinning out more and more due to newly imported other cat breeds, that the targeted breeding of the cats, now renamed American Shorthair, began. The new name served to emphasize the American origin of the breed. Probably because of the resemblance to normal domestic cats, the animals received little attention at cat shows compared to other breeds until the 1960s.


Due to their origin, the American mouse catchers are considered to be an extremely uncomplicated, healthy, and robust breed. They have a fairly long life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. If you decide to get an American Shorthair, you should consider that you have to take care of your pet for the rest of its life. In return, you will find a loyal and affectionate companion in the versatile velvet paw.

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