Basset Bleu de Gascogne: Temperament

Even the name Basset Bleu de Gascogne of these dogs reveals where they come from: Gascony in France. This province is located in the southwest of the country, and it is here that the “Bleus” were bred before the French Revolution.


No products found. They are considered one of the oldest dog breeds in France. Their ancestors are said to be found among the hounds of the Phoenicians and the Segusians of the Celts.

After the mid-19th century, Bleu de Gascogne came in three sizes:

  • the grand Chien
  • the middle briquet
  • and the short-barreled basset hound.


Around 1900 the basset hound was close to extinction. Fortunately, the breeder Monsieur Bourbon was a passionate supporter of this breed and made a great contribution to the continued existence of these animals. Bourbon used the existing gene pool of Bassets Saintongeois and Grands Bleus. This crossing was the basis of today’s Bassets Bleu de Gascogne. Through years of particularly targeted breeding selection, this breed came to its current appearance.


There are not very many breeders of the Basset Bleu de Gascogne. In its home country, this dog is mainly used for hunting purposes and is valued as a helper in the hunt for deer and rabbits. It is particularly popular with its holders because it is very easy to dress. Its docility and endurance make it an ideal companion when hunting game.


The optical appearance of the Bleus looks noble and downright “French”. A Basset Bleu de Gascogne is immediately recognizable by its coat and very specific expression, to which its rather powerful stature contributes significantly.

The head is strong overall and a little elongated showing loose skin and some typical wrinkles along the cheeks alongside a black and very well-developed nose. Incidentally, it is of very special quality and makes it almost unrivaled when it comes to tracking down small games.

The eyes are dark chestnut in color, slightly sunken, and give him a kind and very soft look. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne gets its strong stature, as mentioned above, mainly from its very deep and fairly wide chest. The well-developed, almost circular ribs give it a stocky look.

The legs are quite short, which makes it much easier for him to work in the undergrowth. The forequarters have muscular shoulders, the hindquarters remarkably muscled haunches that can give it unusual speed. Its size is between 32cm and 42cm

Character of the Bassets Bleu de Gascogne

It is characterized by calm gentleness. He feels particularly comfortable in the great outdoors, so you should only get him if you have the time and leisure for enough exercise. Even if the Bleu likes to sniff around for hours and sometimes disappear into the undergrowth – it will always be happy to return to its master.

He is unreservedly loyal to his family, visitors are often announced with the voice so typical of the Bleus. Although docile and docile, the Basset Bleu de Gascogne tends to be slightly “stubborn” and not necessarily obey commands immediately. This results from his actually very independent activity in tracking down the game.

The Bleu is very well suited for people who want a happy four-legged friend who is particularly individual and feels a strong need for daily exercise. If these dogs have enough opportunities to let off steam outdoors, then they behave very calmly, well-behaved and affectionate in the house.

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