Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered the Einstein of dogs. He is very intelligent and an excellent herding dog. Find out everything about the Border Collie dog breed here.

Border Collies are extremely popular pedigree dogs among dog lovers. Here you will find the most important information about the Border Collie.

  • Size: male 48-54 cm, female 46-53 cm
  • Weight: male 14-20 kg, female 12-19 kg
  • Coat length: short-haired, moderately long, or stock haired
  • Coat Colors: Wide variety, white should never predominate
  • Country of origin: Great Britain

Origin of the Border Collie

The Border Collie comes from the border area between England and Scotland, called “The Border”. This region was perfect for sheep grazing. However, it was not easy for the shepherds living there to keep track of the often large herds, and so they looked for a helper. Since there was no such helper, people bred it by crossing only the best dogs with each other – and the result was the Border Collie.

The first written mention of dogs, which can keep a whole flock of sheep in check with the power of their eyes alone, dates back to the 16th century. Old Hemp is considered the forefather of the Border Collie as we know it today. The male was born in Northumberland in 1893 and his herding skills were so exceptional that his owner Adam Telf used him for breeding.

The appearance of the Border Collie

Border Collies have a harmonious but very muscular build. Males are about 53 cm tall, females are a bit smaller and therefore lighter. The Border Collie’s broadhead has medium-sized erect ears that are slightly tilted forward. This gives the Border Collie its typically alert facial expression.

Coat and colors of the Border Collie

According to the breed standard, two coat varieties are recognized in Border Collies, one of medium length and one of stock hair. Contrary to what many people think, the Border Collie is not only available in black and white but many colors are permitted. But white should not prevail.

Temperament and training of the Border Collie

Border collies are considered to be the smartest dogs ever. In a study on border collies, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig were able to show that dogs, just like small children, are able to deduce the names of objects using the process of elimination (so-called “fast mapping”).

The Border Collie is not recommended for dog beginners, because training requires sensitivity and timing. Because of its intelligence, the Border Collie learns very quickly, almost too quickly. That’s why dog ​​owners have to be careful to catch the right moment for a compliment: Once the Border Collie has internalized a behavior, it is difficult to train it away from him.

Many Border Collies are also incredibly sensitive and don’t get along so well with hectic city life. They then show behavioral problems such as increased sensitivity to noise or increased barking. That is why the puppies have to be accustomed to as many environmental stimuli as possible.

Keeping and caring for the Border Collie

Too little challenge is poison for the Border Collie, it is not a dog that lies under the desk in the office of its master or mistress for eight hours and is busy with walks alone. If he doesn’t get a task, he looks for one, for example chasing after joggers, cars, or children in order to herd them together like a flock of sheep.

Border collies are not only mentally fit, but also real sports cannons. Dog sports such as agility and disc dogging are suitable. Treibball, tracking or rescue dog work, and trials (special herding dog competitions) are even better suited to Border Collies, since mental abilities are also encouraged here.

Anyone who now thinks that the border collie needs a 24-hour animation program is wrong. On the contrary, it is incredibly important that this breed gets some rest.

Retrieval games are only suitable for utilization to a limited extent, because the stupid fetching of balls can quickly become a kind of addiction for the Border Collie, because he is so much designed for work that he continues tirelessly, even when he is already exhausted.

Typical diseases in Border Collies

Border Collies are generally a healthy breed, but they carry the risk of various hereditary diseases. The eyes of herding dogs are most affected. Various diseases can occur here:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA): Alteration of the choroid in the eye, which in the worst case can lead to retinal detachment and blindness.
  • primary lens luxation (PLL)
  • progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Dogs should be tested for these eye diseases as early as puppies. A hearing test is also useful.

Especially dogs with the coat color merle or the genetic predisposition for it are affected. Hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy and various disorders of the immune system, and neuronal diseases are also more commonly inherited. DNA testing is designed to prevent these diseases from piling up.

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