Can I Use Bug Spray On My Dog?

Bug spray

Don’t you just love summer? For pet owners, it’s a season well spent on bonding outdoors with their furry loved one. You can hit the nearest beach and swim all day without coming down with a cold. You can hit the dog park or go on a trail and know that no unexpected rain will ruin the fun.

One setback though is the flock of bugs you may come in contact with. These pesky critters can join your picnic without invitation. They lie in wait in the bushes and among the grasses and trees. They accompany you while nature walking with your dog. And they bite while you play catch with your canine pet

A question that pops to mind is should you use bug spray not only on yourself but also on your dog? Is it safe for them? Or are there risks? In this article, we discuss bug spray and how it can affect your dog.

Human Bug Spray May Be Unsafe for Your Dog

If mosquitos and bugs flock your area of residence and recreational activities, you need to use some form of bug killer to ward off these disease-carrying insects. Bug sprays are known to be effective in killing pests. And it may be tempting to just spray away in order to keep yourself and your pet safe.

Insect repellent

Although quite safe for humans, bug sprays may contain ingredients that are toxic to animals. And while you may be protecting your dog from insect-borne diseases, you may be causing other problems too.

Check the bug spray you are using for DEET content. It is a chemical named diethyltoluamide. It’s safe for people. But it can cause vomiting, seizures, and staggering among dogs. And other health issues may arise from dog exposure to this chemical.

What Human Bug Spray Alternatives Are Safe on Your Dog?

Because of health risks to dogs, companies have now started manufacturing bug sprays and repellents that are safe for your furry pets. There are human bug sprays that are not only safe for adults but babies and dogs as well. What are they?

  1. Bug sprays or repellents that are certified and labeled kid-safe and dog-safe.
  2. Insect sprays or repellents that use natural, organic ingredients, and are safe for dogs.
  3. Insect repellents that are stick-on. These do not come in contact with your dog’s skin.
  4. Insect repellents that are specifically made for dogs. These often have additional repelling properties against ticks, fleas, and mites.

How Do You Keep Your Dog Safe When Using Bug Sprays and Insect Repellents?

Observe safety measures when using these anti-insect treatments or products.

  1. Apply your bug spray away from your pet.
  2. Don’t let your pet lick you when you’ve sprayed a repellent on yourself.
  3. Check labels for safety. Make sure they are gentle and safe on your dogs.
  4. Check ingredients for safety. Make sure that the product doesn’t have harsh, toxic, or allergy-causing ingredients.
  5. Prefer dog-specific products even though they may be slightly more expensive.
  6. Consider stick-on that you can apply on the collar or leash.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let cruel, disease-causing bugs ruin your summer fun. You can use insect repellents to ward them off. Just be careful in choosing the product you use on your dog. Make sure it’s toxic-free and dog-friendly.

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