Caution, Poisonous to Ferrets

While ferrets share many similarities with their wild ancestors, they lack many of their original instincts. For example, they have forgotten how to avoid poisonous plants on their own.

Ferrets are incredibly curious and are almost always hungry. If they get the chance, they’ll nibble on anything they walk past. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Grandpa’s armchair, your new dress, or the birthday cake. Unfortunately, the little rascals don’t know if something is poisonous for them. Some indoor plants can be fatal. Caution is also required in the garden and on walks. Some foods, while not toxic to ferrets, are still harmful. Therefore, check-in good time what your animal can achieve. Here is a list of harmful and poisonous plants and foods:

In the house

  • Bananas (Constipation, Tartar)
  • pears (bloating)
  • beans (bloating)
  • protein (toxic)
  • Types of cabbage (flatulent)
  • Milk and dairy products (diarrhea)
  • nicotine (toxic)
  • Cleaning agents and other chemicals (toxic)
  • raw potatoes (toxic)
  • raw pork (toxic)
  • salt (toxic)
  • chocolate (too much sugar)
  • sweets (too much sugar)
  • Tomatoes (contain too much acid)
  • citrus fruits (contain too much acid)

Indoor plants

  • Bow Hemp (poisonous)
  • variegated root (poisonous)
  • Dieffenbachia (poisonous)
  • Ivy (poisonous)
  • Feinblatt (poisonous)
  • elephant ear (poisonous)
  • flamingo flower (poisonous)
  • butt thread (poisonous)
  • Yucca (poisonous)
  • poinsettia (poisonous)
  • Room Aralia (poisonous)
  • Room calla (poisonous)

Plants in the garden


  • ivy
  • yew (poisonous)
  • Spotted Hemlock (Poisonous)
  • laburnum (poisonous)
  • Ranunculaceae (poisonous)
  • Autumn crocus (poisonous)
  • Hydrangeas (poisonous)
  • oleander (poisonous)
  • Rhododendron species (poisonous)
  • Narrow-leaved mountain laurel (poisonous)
  • Black nightshade (poisonous)
  • Deadly Nightshade (poisonous)
  • Spurge family (poisonous)

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