Keep Ferrets as Pets

Keeping ferrets as pets is a big challenge and therefore needs to be considered carefully. We have put together answers to the most important questions about keeping ferrets appropriate to the species for you.

Ferrets take up a lot of space, cause an unpleasant odor and mean years of responsibility. If ferrets are mishandled, they can develop serious behavioral problems such as biting. Species-appropriate ferret husbandry is also associated with some costs. Read here how a species-appropriate ferret should be kept and whether a ferret is really the right pet for you.

Why do ferrets stink?

Ferrets stink – that’s not prejudiced. Anyone who decides to keep them as ferrets should not have a sensitive nose. The anal glands are responsible for the smell, which secrete a smelly secretion, especially when ferrets are exposed to stressful situations. Male ferrets stink even more when they are in maternity.

After a spay, ferrets smell less. Nevertheless, even then, ferrets have an intense odor of their own.

Warning: Removing the anal glands or neutering the male dogs to prevent ferrets from smelling is prohibited by the Animal Welfare Act!

Keeping ferrets alone or in pairs?

Ferrets should never be kept alone! Unlike its wild relative, the polecat, ferrets are pack animals, so keeping ferrets alone is taboo.

Even if you have a lot of time for your ferret, you cannot replace a fellow ferret. A ferret kept alone will feel lonely and develop behavioral problems. So you have to keep at least two ferrets.

Tip: It is recommended to keep a pair of ferrets. If male dogs are neutered in time, there will be no unwanted offspring. Two female ferrets also get along well. Keeping two males is not recommended, they would often fight.

Keeping ferrets in a cage or in an outdoor enclosure?

If you decide to keep two or more ferrets, you need to consider where the Tier4s will live. In general, you have two options: keeping cages indoors or keeping them outside.

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