Caution, Poisonous to Chipmunks

Chipmunks, especially when roaming freely, often come into contact with indoor plants that are poisonous to them. Here, prevention is better than cure.

Unfortunately, chipmunks are often poisoned, which, if not detected in time, can quickly lead to the death of the animal. The principle is therefore not to feed anything that is not known as animal feed. Also, make absolutely sure that there are no cigarettes lying around in a room where a squirrel is running free. If it nibbles on these, this can quickly lead to fatal poisoning. Many indoor plants, which the squirrels like to nibble on, are just as dangerous. And the fertilizer in the potting soil can also become harmful if the Burunduk digs around in the soil.

While it’s certainly impossible to list every toxic compound, the following list includes all of the major houseplants that are toxic to chipmunks.

Some poisonous houseplants:

Macaw (Fatsia), tree lover (Philodendron), cup primrose (Primula obconica), Christ’s thorn (Euphorbia Milli), ivy (Hedera), ivy (Scindapsus), one leaf (Spathiphyllum), many ferns, flamingo flower (Anthurium), fuchsia, rubber tree (Ficus spec.), coral tree (Solanum capsicastrum), Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei), oleander (Nerium), passionflower (Passiflora), knight’s star (Hippeastrum spec.), Schefflera, lantana (lantana), poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), desert rose (Adenium obesum). )

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