Chipmunks and Children

A chipmunk is not a stuffed animal. Therefore, it is also more suitable for older children.

Unfortunately, this is not always taken into account. Disney’s A-squirrel and B-squirrel (also known as Chip and Dale) make many children want to take care of such a rodent themselves. In some cases, the parents give in to the urge without realizing the consequences.

Smaller children between the ages of three and eight should only have contact with the animals if a parent is with them. Chipmunks are extremely quick and could easily escape a smaller child from the enclosure. In addition, they have extremely powerful teeth, which they use to bite violently when they feel threatened, e.g. B. when the child tries to grab the squirrel. Therefore, it makes sense never to let small children into Burunduk’s enclosure alone. Depending on the level of development, the child can help take care of the animals, but only under supervision.

Chipmunks and older children

Children aged ten to twelve can look after their chipmunks themselves. However, it remains the task of the parents to monitor and direct the care and, if necessary, to intervene to prevent abuse.

Under no circumstances should you have too high expectations of your child. It is normal for children to forget to take care of the squirrel because of friends and games. Careless reactions and accusations are then out of place and tend to lead to an attitude of rejection in the long term. Nevertheless, you should explain to your child in a factual manner how important the daily care of the chipmunk is. And of course, you have to step in in case of an emergency.

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