Chipmunks and Other Pets

In many cases, a chipmunk isn’t the only pet. This makes for a colorful variety but can lead to problems.

On the one hand, this applies to the diseases that can be transmitted to the chipmunk from other pets. On the other hand, the other pets themselves are also a danger, this applies above all to dogs and cats, but also to ferrets, which only see a squirrel as prey. That’s why you should keep your squirrel in a separate room to protect it from being attacked by other housemates. At the very least, however, you must ensure that the squirrel’s enclosure is secured in such a way that involuntary encounters can be avoided. And don’t trust your dog or cat. Even if they otherwise act so harmless and seem to have lost all hunting instinct, in an emergency their instincts will prevail.

Living with nocturnal pets is also unfavorable for chipmunks since nocturnal activity disturbs the sleep of the squirrel. And vice versa, the squirrel disturbs the roommates with its daytime activities. Unfortunately, some visitors are also a real danger for the squirrel. Make it clear to your visitors that they cannot simply open the enclosure. Attempts to wake the animal up because you want to see more “action” harm the Burunduk are not a sign of animal love.

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