Rats and Children

Pet rats are well suited for older children – provided they are kept in an animal-friendly manner and are handled responsibly.

Rats are relatively easy-care pets that become very trusting when they come into close contact with humans. Although intelligent rodents are considered to be very adaptable, certain criteria must be met when keeping rats.

It is therefore crucial that a child is considerate of the needs of his pets and treats them with care. Rats are not toys or “cuddly” pets and do not like to be carried around or petted all the time. Parents should teach their children animal-friendly care and proper handling of rats in advance. Although the main responsibility always lies with the parents, the child – regardless of age – should be mature enough to be able to take on the regular care work independently.

From the age of about eight to ten years, children can become involved with rats if the parents do most of the care. From the age of twelve, children can take care of rats relatively independently. It is best to set up a daily or weekly care plan together with your children. However, the parents should always monitor the attitude so that no care measures (feeding, cage cleaning, etc.) are forgotten.

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