Deerhound – Lovable Angel in Wolf’s Clothing

The huge Scottish Deerhound shows a wonderful personality and loves to be part of the pack. Once a fearless hound of the Highlands, his friendliness and love of children make him an obedient and patient member of the family on long walks in all weathers.

Deerhound – mighty deer hunter with a heart of gold

Slightly smaller than its Irish relative, the Scottish wolfhound is also an impressive sight. Already in the early Middle Ages, this highly valued breed was praised. Its roots are even suspected in the Celtic greyhounds. Almost extinct in the 19th century, the Deerhound is now experiencing a renaissance as an easy-care family dog.

Nature: lovable and calm on four paws

As proud and aristocratic as his demeanor is, his character is as cordial. It’s hard to believe that this imposing friend of children set out on the hunt for deer, moose, and wolves fearlessly and at breathtaking speed. The Scottish wolfhound seems to be at peace with himself and doesn’t let himself be disturbed even by barking lap dogs. Already in the puppy school, the not-so-small four-legged friend inspires with social competence. Allow him many encounters with other animals. He (or she) loves this and gets along well with cats and horses with early contact.

Education and keeping of the Deerhound

In education, there will be no unpleasant surprises. The gray Scot almost knows how to behave himself. A giant takes time to grow and can take up to three years for a Scot. During this time, high-quality feed, sometimes in large quantities, ensures healthy bone structure and an equally stable cardiovascular system. A possibly well-intentioned sporting overstrain has a negative effect on the health of the growing Deerhound. Your breeder can give you the best advice here. Once, adult, the Deerhound is content with surprisingly small amounts of food. Always make sure that the weight is not too great. Lots of exercises are the basis for a happy and well-balanced Deerhound, which is, among other things, an ideal companion dog for horseback riding.

Care of the Deerhound

Hard to believe, but the gray fellow from the north makes it easy for you here too. The shaggy coat, which is perfectly adapted to bad weather, does not grow too thick and can be tamed with weekly brushing.

His health proves to be as robust as his character. Breed-typical genetic diseases are not found. Still, there is value in choosing an experienced breeder who values ​​health more than extra size.

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