Dog Guard for Your Car – Safe on the Road

If you want to transport your dog safely in the car, as an owner of large dog breeds you often cannot avoid retrofitting your vehicle with a dog guard. Although many owners prefer a dog box, it is extremely difficult for the very large breeds to even find a suitable model. An almost impossible task for a Great Dane.

Why Should I Buy Dog ​​Guards?

As the owner of a vehicle, you are obliged to secure your load in accordance with Sections 22 and 23 of the Road Traffic Act. So if you drive with a dog in the trunk, a dog guard not only serves to protect the animal but also to protect the occupants. It separates the trunk from the passenger cell or interior.

In the event of hard braking or an accident, the dog cannot be thrown through the interior, which can have serious consequences for both humans and animals.

Advantages of a Dog Guard:

  • Dogs and humans are safer on the road: It simply drives better when you know that you have created the greatest possible safety for yourself and your dog when driving and can expect the best possible protection even in dangerous situations. In the event of an accident or emergency braking, the animal is not thrown uncontrolled through the interior.
  • The dog cannot jump onto the back seat during the journey, the dog has no way of getting into the interior. This prevents the dog from suddenly jumping onto the front passenger seat or distracting the driver in some other way.
  • Installation is usually done in a few minutes most safety gates are easy to install and can be completed in just a few minutes. Most grilles can be installed in the vehicle in just a few minutes and offer protection.
  • Compliance with legal requirements As already described, by installing the dog guard, vehicle owners meet the legal requirements and avoid trouble with the authorities. The road traffic regulations state that cargo in the trunk must be properly secured.
  • Soiling in the interior doesn’t matter whether it’s expensive leather covers or fabric. When dogs sit in the back seat or in the front passenger seat, scratches from their claws are almost inevitable. In addition, the hair from the fabric covers is difficult to remove, so the dog guards are also a measure to protect the car from scratches in the leather and generally from heavy soiling in the interior.
  • Controlled exit possible dogs sitting in the trunk have a harder time jumping out of the car uncontrollably. However, when the doors are opened, the dividing grille protects the four-legged friend from suddenly walking over the bench and jumping outside. A sometimes deadly undertaking at rest stops. You can safely secure the vehicle through the partition grille and tie the dog on a leash before it is allowed to jump out of the trunk.
  • Through-loading is still possible In many cases, through-loading is still possible so that the rear bench seat can still be folded down or used after assembly.
  • Seat belts can still be used By installing the grille, the seat belts on the back seat can still be used to their full extent.

Buy a Dog Guard

Dog guards are often the only option for owners of large dogs. If you have already decided to buy a dog guard, the only question left is which model it should be. When choosing, you can roughly differentiate between two versions.

Order custom-made dog guards

Many manufacturers such as Kleinmetall or Travall offer suitable dog guards made to measure every type of vehicle. The great advantage here is that the dog guard is developed and manufactured in extensive tests for exactly one vehicle type or model series. In this way, the manufacturers ensure that the assembly is absolutely accurate and that the grille can be optimally attached to the vehicle. However, if you change your vehicle frequently, you have to buy a new grille every time, because compatibility is only guaranteed for the vehicle in question.

The alternative: universal dog guard

The universal dog guards fit in almost every car and can also be installed in a few simple steps. If you change your vehicle, the protective grille can be removed and reinstalled in the new vehicle. The disadvantage, however, is that they do not fit every vehicle equally well. However, the grilles must fit perfectly in order to achieve the desired protection. In addition, some buyers on the Internet report damage to the car. However, it is not possible to determine whether it was the product or the wrong assembly.

Install Dog Guard

Attaching the safety gate is not a big deal. With just a few movements, the grille sits firmly in its intended place. Even people with two left hands can feel free to attach it. The operating instructions are usually illustrated and only need a few steps. You should plan about 15 minutes. If you don’t get it right, you can get telephone support from the manufacturer or you can look for the model you bought on YouTube and see if there are already video instructions for installation. Dog guards are as easy to assemble as quick to disassemble.

Which Known Manufacturers are There Dog Guards?

Travel Dog Guard

Travel is the leading manufacturer of dog guards and is headquartered in Derby, central England. From its second location in Germany in tranquil Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, the specialist now ships dog guards all over the world. Travel sees itself as a pioneer in the manufacture and development of high-quality vehicle accessories.

Small metal dog guard

Kleinmetall GmbH from Erlensee has been offering high-quality protection systems for people and animals on the road for over 40 years. As a specialist in customized solutions, Kleinmetall has made a strong name for itself in the dog scene. Not only partition grilles, but also trunk trays and dog boxes are designed, developed, and produced here.

Ovitan dog guard

The Ovitan dog guards take a slightly different approach. These are mounted on the rear seat headrests. The advantage here is that the roof liner of the car is not dented and the vehicle easily survives installation and removal. These models are ideal for convertibles and vehicles with glass roofs. In addition, the Ovitan dog guards can also be mounted on the driver’s/front passenger’s headrest if you want or have to transport your pet in the back seat.


Trixie is the European market leader for pet accessories. Of course, his extensive range also includes dog separation gates. Almost 400 employees from Tarp in Schleswig Holstein take care of the satisfaction of their customers. Trixie dog guards are usually available for less than €50 and thus offer a good entry into the world of dog guards.

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