Getting Your Dog Used to the Vacuum Cleaner – Here’s How

It leaves some dogs completely cold, while others are put to flight: the vacuum cleaner! We explain how to get your dog used to the vacuum cleaner.

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Vacuum Cleaners?

Many dog ​​owners wonder why their dog is afraid of vacuum cleaners and other noisy devices. Vacuum cleaners are extremely loud devices that, in addition to the suction noise that we humans hear, also emit other very high-frequency sounds. If a puppy is not introduced to the appliance at a very early age and the household appliance is positively linked, the dog may suddenly develop a panic fear of the vacuum cleaner when it grows up. By the way, cats can also be very afraid of the device.

Of course, it is ideal if your breeder has already done the preliminary work and has introduced your dog to the vacuum cleaner. Many breeders use household appliances to sensitize their puppies from an early age. And the topic is also quite appropriate in the puppy school. However, if your dog is past puppyhood and afraid of vacuum cleaners. Here comes the rescue.

First of all, it’s okay if your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Nor is it a sign of weakness or cowardice. The device is extremely loud for him and then it also moves. It comes towards him, gets louder and louder, and whistles and growls. The vacuum cleaner is completely extinct in the wild 🙂 , which is why your dog does not have a genetic program that tells him that vacuum cleaners pose no danger.

How to Get Your Dog Used to the Vacuum Cleaner

Small steps to success. You won’t take away your dog’s fear overnight. So don’t expect too much for the first practice sessions. Also, there are no studies on how long it actually lasts. Some dogs lose their fear the second time they train, others fear their whole lives. Accept that and don’t force anything. Before it begins. The exercises aim to ensure that the dog is rewarded for every spark of courage it mustered. If he takes a step toward the vacuum cleaner, that’s worth a reward.

You need the following things to get your dog used to the vacuum cleaner:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Lots of little treats
  • perseverance and patience
  • Much praise

How often should you practice with your dog and the vacuum cleaner?

As often as possible. If you can, practice for two to three minutes every day. You don’t need to work with your dog for more than five minutes. Better a little more often. In any case, avoid failures by not moving on to the next step until the previous step is right.

Step 1:

First of all, give your dog the opportunity to get to know the vacuum cleaner again. Simply place the vacuum cleaner in the living room and leave it switched off. Observe your dog and the reaction. Does he give the device a wide berth or come closer after a few minutes. How does he react when you walk past the switched-off device with him? As soon as your dog can walk past the vacuum cleaner, you can ignite the next stage. Can you play together while the vacuum cleaner is in the same room?

Step 2:

A vacuum that’s turned off isn’t that scary. The vacuum cleaner becomes really attractive when treats are suddenly lying on it. Remember, in the beginning, the vacuum cleaner is switched off. Let the dog associate that a vacuum cleaner also has its good sides by draping a treat on and around the vacuum cleaner from time to time.

Step 3:

Are you ready for the next level? Hold the vacuum hose in one hand and a treat in the other. Move the vacuum around a bit while holding your dog a treat near the appliance and rewarding it when it jumps over its shadow.

Step 4:

Now it’s getting exciting. Put the vacuum in the living room and turn it on on medium. Just run the vacuum for a while and see how your dog reacts. As soon as he approaches, you will of course reward him with a treat. If he makes it to the vacuum cleaner, he gets another treat. If he goes away and comes back there is… I see you got the principle.

Step 5:

We can slowly turn it up. Let’s test how your dog does when you actually vacuum slowly. Call him over and offer him a treat. be patient It doesn’t all have to work the first time. Take your time to check how far you have come. If step 5 is still too heavy, go back to one level and try step 4 again.

Step 6:

It will… Put the vacuum cleaner back in the living room or a convenient place and put several treats around the vacuum cleaner and on top of the vacuum cleaner. You can also lay a small trail to the vacuum cleaner so that your dog gets to its destination step by step.

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