Dog Hiding: Why They Do It

It is believed that the dog’s habit of hiding under the bed is a common phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about. However, it should be alarming if the pet’s behavior has changed dramatically: cheerful and sociable, he suddenly stopped communicating with family members. Why do dogs hide and how to help a pet?

In order to understand what is happening with the pet, it is worth observing its behavior. Often, the reasons why a dog is hiding are fear, psychological trauma, or simply the behavior of a particular animal.

Reasons for unusual behavior

Temperament and genetics

The urge to hide can be driven by the dog’s instincts. Her ancient wild ancestors made a lair in the ground. By the way, this also sometimes explains the passion of pets for digging up the earth in the yard.

While playing, puppies can also try to hide from the owner. Do not worry: the dog will grow up and stop provoking household members.

False pregnancy

If the dog has become restless or, conversely, completely passive, builds a “nest”, rushes around the apartment, stops playing, then these symptoms may indicate the occurrence of a false pregnancy. Of course, all signs are individual and depend on the dog itself. However, if the dog begins to hide, check the mammary glands, the loop. Swollen nipples and colostrum secretion are sure signs of a bitch’s current false pregnancy. But in no case can you make a diagnosis on your own; if you suspect this disorder, you must visit a veterinarian.

Injuries and fears

Does the dog hide and whine during thunder or fireworks? Most likely, the pet is scared. Sometimes the fear can go away by itself, in some cases the help of a specialist – a zoopsychologist is needed. Strong fears interfere with the full life of the dog, and they must be dealt with.

Another animal in the apartment

Another possible reason for a dog’s behavior change is the presence of a competitor in the home. It could be another dog or even a cat that is trying to dominate. Most likely, the weaker individual is afraid and tries to hide from their abuser.

Introduce the animals gradually to avoid behavioral problems. Always follow the order and sequence of pets. Over time, their relationship should improve. If they cannot get along with each other, seek help from a dog handler. It will help establish contact between warring neighbors.

New circumstances

Moving or the arrival of a child in the home is also a stressful situation for the dog, which can provoke unusual behavior. In this case, it is very important not to put pressure on the pet, not to force him to get used to a new place, and not to hide the baby if a baby appears in the house. Let the dog know that this is a new family member who will not harm anyone.


If the dog is trembling and hiding, the reason for this behavior can be various kinds of diseases – from infectious ones to lesions of the nervous system. You should be alert if the dog is lethargic, does not play, does not eat, and behaves very carefully.

As you can see, the reasons for the unusual behavior of animals can be very different – from the harmless period of growing up and adaptation in puppyhood to serious diseases that can lead to sad consequences.

Therefore, the first thing the owner needs to do if the pet’s behavior has changed dramatically is to consult a veterinarian.

Only a specialist is able to determine the true reason for the pet’s desire to hide from prying eyes; the doctor will also prescribe quality treatment, if necessary.

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