Don Sphynx Breed Information & Characteristics

With its unusual appearance, the Don Sphynx attracts attention. There are a few myths surrounding the controversial cat breed, but one thing is for sure, the active hairless cat manages to enchant with its nature and maybe it will conquer your hearts too.

History and origin of the Don Sphynx

Despite the name, the Don Sphynx is not related to the Canadian Sphynx. The history of the furless cat from Russia began in 1987 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Elena Kovaleva discovered a kitten that was in a very bad condition, baptized it “Varvara” and lovingly took care of the animal. But Varvara developed differently than expected because the kitten gradually lost its fur. Even a consulted vet could not help. A few years later, Varvara gave birth to several puppies, some completely naked while others sported fur. The kittens with fur fared like Varvara herself and gradually lost their fur.

Elena contacted the Russian breeder Irina Nemikina, who adopted one of the kittens and crossed the kitten with different cats. Since kittens were born without fur in all crosses, Irina quickly concluded that it must be a gene mutation. In contrast to the Sphynx cat, a dominant gene is affected in the Don Sphynx and the breeder took up targeted breeding accordingly and the new breed was given the name Don Sphynx or Donskoy.

Essence and Character

As an active and friendly velvet paw, the Don Sphynx is ideally suited as a family cat. While the Donskoy’s appearance does not appeal to every cat lover, the Don Sphynx scores with character and this are undisputed. Not only is the lovable hairless cat extremely affectionate and cuddly, it even meets strangers in an open-minded and trusting manner. The Donskoy Cat also harmonizes perfectly with children. Despite its trustworthiness, the pedigree cat does not lack self-confidence. This is how the intelligent and imaginative cuddly cat knows how to wrap “its” people around its paws. When she sets her mind to something, she pursues her goal. So drawers and cupboard doors are no obstacle for the clever cat.

Especially since the active cat is not so easily dissuaded from its desires, it likes to cause disorder in the household. In addition, you should always keep an eye on your Don Sphynx cat, as she likes to take risks that can become dangerous.

The Appearance of the Don Sphynx

At first glance, the Don Sphynx looks fragile, but the pedigree cat is quite robust. Thanks to its muscular body, the cat is extremely active and agile. Their long paws and straight, long tail, which can be covered with curly hair at the tip, are striking. Otherwise, the body is only provided with fine hairs. Accordingly, the skin appears velvety, which emphasizes the colors of the skin. The head of the Don Sphynx cat is wedge-shaped and is dominated by almond-shaped eyes. The relatively large ears are also typical of the breed.

Attitude and Care

Basically, the Donsky is a lovable and easy-care contemporary. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a family cat or a cat that also feels comfortable in a single household, the Don Sphynx really fits into every household, as long as you can take enough time for her. The grooming effort for the hairless cat from Russia is no higher than for other cat breeds, even if the grooming itself differs somewhat from that of their furry counterparts.

Outdoor cat or indoor cat?

Although the Donsky Cat is an active cat, you should keep it as an indoor cat. Outdoor access can be dangerous for hairless cats because they cool down quickly and the skin of the velvet paw is not protected from the sun’s rays. Nevertheless, the Don Sphynx is also happy about a secure outdoor seat, which it can use when the weather is suitable. A nice window seat is also very popular with the Don Sphynx and of course, she likes to enjoy the sun. However, you should make sure that the hairless cat does not sit in a draft. A secured balcony or a secured garden would be ideal as an additional area for playing.

How much occupation does the Don Sphynx need?

The Donsky is a very agile cat and is considered a real bundle of energy. Thanks to its intelligence and curiosity, the pedigree cat is always happy to get involved in new games. From the classic hunting game to intelligence games and clicker training, the Russian hairless cat accepts everything well and enjoys the game. Daily play units are a must and you should also provide the cat with toys so that it can keep itself occupied when in doubt. Climbing and scratching opportunities are also indispensable.

But Donsky prefers it when she has a human play partner. The pedigree cat also plays enthusiastically with children, making it extremely popular with families.

Grooming and Feeding

With the Don Sphynx, there is no fur care, but you have to take care of the skin of the exotic cat. It is important to protect the cat’s skin from the cold and the sun’s rays. You can gently clean the skin with a soft, damp cloth.

When it comes to feeding, it is important to provide the Donsky with enough high-quality food, because the cats have to compensate for the energy loss caused by the lack of fur with food. The Donsky needs about 20 percent more food than its furry counterparts.

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