Dry, Warm Dog Nose: Causes and Treatment

If the dog has a dry, warm nose, this can be a sign that something is wrong. You can find out when you should go to the vet here.

If the dog’s nose is dry, warm, or both, something is wrong. At least that’s what most dog owners think. While it is true that the nose of a healthy dog

  • is damp (moisture supports the olfactory cells),
  • is cold (a study has shown that dogs are better at sensing heat)
  • and clear, liquid nasal discharge.

Nevertheless, your dog can be healthy even though these criteria do not apply. However, you can find out here when you need to take your dog to the vet if it has a warm and/or dry nose.

What if the dog’s nose is warm?

If the dog has a warm nose, there can be many harmless causes that you can easily remedy. This includes

  • some physical exertion
  • Dog lying on the heater or in the sun
  • low dehydration
  • dry room air

If the dog exerts himself physically, his nose gets warm, because dogs sometimes sweat through their noses. If you notice that the dog has a warm nose after romping around, running, or dog sports and if it pants heavily, you should take a break.

If the dog has been resting next to the heater or in the sun and it has gotten a warm nose, you should move it to a cooler place. Especially in the sun, there is a risk that the dog will overheat or get sunburnt.

If the dog has not drunk enough, his nose often gets warm. Make sure your dog has enough drinking water available at all times (especially on hot days). Special drinking fountains for dogs* can help to encourage the dog to drink.

When the house is heated, the air in the room is often dry. This can cause the dog to get a warm nose. Ventilate adequately even in winter and use a room humidifier* to ensure that the air in the room is always humid enough.

What to do if the dog’s nose is dry?

A dry dog nose is not always a cause for concern. You can easily remedy these causes of a dry nose:

  • low dehydration
  • Dog was in the sun for too long
  • Dog has dry nose after sleeping

A slight dehydration is not a problem as long as you encourage your dog to start drinking again soon. However, if he refuses to drink water, you should consult the veterinarian.

Dogs that have been in the sun for too long often have a dry nose. Use appropriate means to protect your dog from sunburn, such as a sunscreen specially made for dogs*.

Dogs often lick their noses to keep them wet. When the dog sleeps, it usually doesn’t. The result is a dry nose after waking up, which he will surely wet again soon.

Watch out for certain symptoms

A dry and warm nose is problematic when it is accompanied by other symptoms. You should visit the vet if something is wrong with the dog’s nose and your pet is showing at least one of the following signs of illness:

  • malaise
  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • pains
  • loss of appetite
  • weakness and fatigue

Also, pay attention to the nasal secretion: if it turns yellowish or greenish, your dog is sick. If it is also tougher than usual or if it foams, you should definitely go to the vet. It could be because of a cold, for example.

A dry or warm nose does not always mean that the dog is ill. Only when other symptoms appear should you consult a veterinarian.

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