Elo – The Young Dog Breed from Germany

The Elo is a quiet and undemanding dog that is particularly well suited as a family dog. It is available as rough and smooth hair in several sizes and colors. Some are reminiscent of the Bobtail, others more of a small Eurasier. It should actually be called Eloschaboro, but they understood and limited themselves to the well-sounding short form.

History & Origin

The dog breed Elo is still very young, it has only been around for 30 years. It is also not yet recognized by the FCI as an independent breed. The Elo breeding project, which is overseen by the Elo Breeding and Research Association (EZFG), began in 1987. The original name of the dog breed was Eloschaboro. It was related to the three main parent breeds, Eurasier, Bobtail, and Chow Chow. Later, Dalmatians and Samoyeds, Spitz and Pekingese in the smaller line, were crossed in to expand the gene pole and the breed was shortened to Elo.

The goal of the breeders, especially the founders of the EZFG, Heinz and Marita Szobries, was to breed a dog that was particularly well suited as a family dog ​​and at the same time was particularly robust and not very susceptible to diseases. Less value was placed on appearance than on the nature, character, and health of the animals. The result is a bright yet calm family dog ​​without a hunting instinct and with a medium urge to move and good social behavior. There are currently fewer than 200 recognized breeders of the breed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands, which still entails the risk of eventual inbreeding due to the small population size.

Numbers, Data, Facts

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
  • Weight big Elo: 22 – 34 kg
  • Weight small Elo: 10 – 15 kg
  • High Elo at the withers: 46 – 60 cm
  • Height at the withers small Elo: 35 – 45 cm


The Elo was bred purely as a family dog, but of course, it also guards its people. However, he hardly barks and shows no aggressive behavior. Gradually, the Elo is gradually being trained as a companion dog and therapy dog.

Classification, breed standard & breed standard

The Elo is not yet recognized as an independent breed by the FCI.

The Character & The Essence

The Elo is an absolutely family-friendly and peaceful dog that has neither potential for aggression nor hunting instinct. At the same time, all of the hereditary diseases of the original breeds were bred to him, which is why the Elo is generally very healthy, resilient, and also long-lived. By nature, this breed is very intelligent, at the same time obedient and independent, strong nerves and not fearful. It can adapt well to the conditions of different households. The Elo is happy about a large garden with plenty of exercises, but can also be kept well in the apartment. Climbing stairs doesn’t bother him any more than jogging or cycling. He is quite athletic but doesn’t have the urge to move that other athletic dogs do.

He feels comfortable with young and active people but is also a dog for sprightly pensioners who are more comfortable. However, being close to his human pack is extremely important to him. Therefore, he is by no means a kennel dog. From the chow and the bobtail, the Elo has a slight tendency to be stubborn. He has retained a certain degree of independence and this presents some challenges for owners when it comes to training them. With friendliness and consistency, however, it is relatively easy to make him a very pleasant, attentive, and unobtrusive companion.

Dealing with family & children

Elo generally gets along very well with children, he likes to play and has a lot of nonsense in his head. Because he is not jumpy and nervous, he also accepts possible unintentional attacks quite calmly. However, his patience has its limits and sometimes he just wants to be left alone and relax. He therefore gratefully accepts a retreat. Children should also be taught the right behavior with dogs at an early age in order to achieve mutual respect.

In dealing with strangers

The Elo usually meets strangers in a reserved but absolutely peaceful manner. He’s not a dog that attacks postmen or delivery people, but he also almost never likes being touched and petted by strangers. And if he does, he chooses for himself who is allowed to come near him.

When dealing with other dogs

The Elo behaves the same way towards other dogs as towards strangers. He tolerates them, sometimes he hardly notices them, is reserved, and never overbearing. He is very nice to dogs he likes. Individual cases and exceptions confirm the rule as with any other dog breed. Early training and socialization lay the foundation for expected behavior.

When dealing with other pets

The Elo is also peaceful towards other pets such as cats and guinea pigs. The lack of hunting instinct and the high stimulus threshold ensure that he does not chase other animals. In many families, Elos and cats even live together very harmoniously, although of course this only works if the cat behaves accordingly.

Urge to move & hunting instinct

The Elo has a moderate temperament and his urge to move is also limited. This breed likes to go for walks and also likes to play but has little interest in very active dog sports such as agility etc. The Elo will also hardly hunt or even poach, which is why it can easily be unleashed under favorable circumstances. However, there are quite different behaviors in individual specimens, mainly because there are quite different original breeds in them, which can be more or less dominant.

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