Experience Adventures With the Dog

Boredom was yesterday! Dog owners have the best prerequisite for integrating small adventures for themselves and the dog into everyday life. We introduce you to six micro-adventures that you should definitely try once.

Micro-adventures are an excellent way for dog owners to use the power of adventure in everyday life without having to travel with the dog, buy expensive equipment or research information about the country and people for weeks. Shared adventures also strengthen the bond between humans and dogs. The main question behind the idea of the micro-adventure is: why not start today? Or better yet, why not start with a dog today? You can definitely put these six adventures into practice.

Adventure 1: Boating with the dog

Have you ever been to sea with your dog? For this you do not have to travel far, in every major city there are parks with ponds and boat rentals. So off to new shores!

Adventure 2: Geocaching with a dog

Geocaching may be a little outdated, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. There are uncomplicated apps and great tours that show you new ways. Usually it is even indicated whether the tour is also suitable for dogs.

Adventure 3: Tree Action

On your next walk, tie in every tree as best you can! Practice turning your dog around, hiding treats in the bark while the dog has to wait, letting them climb over logs and hiding food or objects behind them.

Adventure 4: The Silent Walk

Try not to use your voice for a walk. Train with body language and visual signals. Entice your dog by clapping your hands, but don’t make a sound with your mouth. A good exercise to find out how much we actually talk to our dogs unnecessarily.

Adventure 5: Hike with a dog backpack

Backpacking with a dog is also possible on a small scale. There are actually dogs that enjoy carrying things, even on their backs. In particular, these are often breeds that were previously used for draft work. For backpacking you need a harness with panniers. In addition, you can pack your dog’s food ration in there so that he can hunt for his food bags himself on the walk.

Adventure 6: Fit with a dog

Having your own dog is a good motivator against your personal weaker self. He’s making you go outside! And so that you can also do something for yourself, you can put on a pair of sports shoes and comfortable clothes and do a few exercises outside: push-ups on park benches, wall-sits on trees and mountain climbers while the dog fetches. Set a number beforehand so that you can regularly check your personal improvement.

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