What to Do if The Dog is Missing

Dogs want to be close to their human. But in exceptional situations, they run away. In moments when your dog turns off his mind, you should keep a cool head.

Why did he escape anyway?

Real outliers are rarely found among dogs. Therefore, the possibility that your dog just wanted to get away from you is the least likely. Dogs are missing for completely different reasons. And each of these reasons requires you to act differently.

Does he run after deer? Don’t panic: stay where you are. In 99 percent of all cases, the dog returns to the separation point. The same applies to dogs who disappear for love.

Escaped in unknown terrain

It is extremely dangerous if the dog runs away on holiday because it doesn’t know its way around and runs the risk of being run over or being picked up by animal catchers. Do not hesitate: report the loss to the police, tourist office, local veterinarians, and organizations, put up search posters, place a search notice in the daily newspaper and on the local radio. And do it quickly, because time is against you!

Even if he disappears from the car, e.g. in front of a shopping center, you have to assume that he will not come back on his own, because he will not find any guidance. Your actions are the same as after running away from a place unknown to him. You should also get the police involved.

Runaway in shock

If the dog was involved in a car accident and ran away, you have to assume that it’s in shock and has holed up somewhere. Search the surrounding area and entice you with a calm voice. Inform the residents of the area of ​​your suspicion.

Alert level 1 for the new dog

Has your new dog disappeared? Alert level 1, because he hasn’t fully internalized his home yet! Maybe he’s trying to walk back to the old home, to the old family. Get the whole neighborhood and all conservation groups involved in the search.

And never give up: Even after a month of searching, you don’t need to lose hope. Check out the regional animal shelters again and again. Offer a reward (in case someone finds your dog and becomes fond of it). Turn on an animal detective. And: Certainty is better than eternal fears, ask the animal carcass disposal service or the police who register killed dogs.

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