Netherlands, a Dream Travel Destination With the Dog

The Netherlands, the land of tulips, clogs, and mills, invites you to take relaxed walks with the dog thanks to its long beach and dune paths. But our neighboring country has much more to offer. Find out everything about holidays in the Netherlands with your dog here.

The Netherlands is more than just cheese, tulips, and mills. The wide beaches on the North Sea invite you to take relaxing walks. Dogs make new friends and have plenty of room to run around. Most beaches are open to dogs, especially in the off-season.

Dog vacation with beach and city

Not only on the water, but also in the city there is a lot for dog owners to discover. The older buildings, which have often become a little crooked over the years, exude an extremely romantic charm. And the Netherlands also attracts with many other sights in the cities.

A canal cruise through the capital Amsterdam should not be missed. Dogs can also be taken on board and let themselves be rocked rhythmically through the canals. Since dogs are not allowed in many museums and churches, you can only view the historic buildings from the outside. The “Oude Kerk”, the old church, the Anne Frank House or the Royal Palace are particularly impressive.

Popular regions for dog owners

These regions in the Netherlands are particularly popular with dog owners:

  • North: Groningen, Fryslan and Drenthe
  • West: Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Utrecht
  • East: Overihssel, Gelderland and Flevoland
  • South: Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland.

Dog owners are often drawn to the western region of Zuid-Holland and there to The Hague. De Groote Peel National Park is also popular.

Overnight with dog

The Dutch love camping. Dogs are allowed and welcome guests at most campsites and many holiday parks. Many hotels also accept guests with dogs.

Tip: Vakantierpark Kijkduin, The Hague, Zuid-Holland:
Placed directly on the dunes, the holiday park is located between The Hague and Scheveningen. The nearby dunes and the beach are within walking distance and perfect for long walks.

Since the Netherlands is a very dog-friendly country, there are also many hotels in the capital Amsterdam that allow dogs.

Entry requirements for dogs

The EU entry requirements for dogs apply in the Netherlands. When entering the country, you should be able to show an EU pet passport. A microchip ID is also required. The dog must be vaccinated against rabies. Some breeds are not allowed to enter the Netherlands.

Extra tips for the trip

When traveling with dogs in the Netherlands you can experience a lot:

Dog beaches

  • Wassenaar dog beach: Allowed between beach posts 91 and 92 all year round and without a leash.
  • Dog beach on Oostvoorne: Dogs are allowed all year round.
  • Dog beach Scheveningen: Dogs are allowed to run free north of post 47 and south of post 36.

Parking areas

  • Vondelpark: Many green spaces and paths surround many pretty little lakes.

Canal cruise

  • Various boat trips through Amsterdam – dogs often allowed.

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