Galgo Espanol – Nature, Characteristics

Like all sighthound breeds, the Galgo Español is a reserved and agreeable character indoors, provided it is busy. The hunting instinct is still very pronounced in this breed – exceptions prove the rule. Training these sensitive dogs requires empathy and patience. Do not underestimate the need for exercise and the hunting instinct of these dogs.

Breed Portrait Galgo Español

  • FCI Standard No. 285
  • Origin: Spain
  • Height at the withers: males 62-70 cm | Bitch 60-68 cm
  • Weight: up to 30 kg
  • smooth hair | rough hair
  • hunting dog

Character and Temperament

Hare hunting was the main area of ​​application for the Galgo Español, with hares and wild boars also being hunted. The sight hunter is persistent and very fast, he chases his prey. Coursing or dog racing are ideal activities for the medium-sized greyhound. Galgo is the only dog. The Galgo is a pack animal, perhaps more so than other breeds. Keeping multiple dogs suits his needs very well.

The Truth about the Life of the Galgo Espanol in Spain

In the olden days owning a galgo was a status symbol, today it has become, excuse the term, disposable.

In Spain, the dog breed Galgo has been bred thousands of times and used for hunting rabbits, combined with betting. After the hunting season ends, most of the dogs are either abandoned or brutally killed. Numerous animal protection organizations try to enable at least some of the poor creatures to live a life appropriate to their species. Here in Germany, one encounters more and more Galgo Español, which were rescued from bad circumstances and have found a new home here.

Origin of the Breed

Even the Celts hunted with greyhounds and brought this dog breed with them to the Iberian Peninsula. The Galgo Español is one of the ancestors of the Greyhound, with whom it shares many similar breed traits. In the Roman province of Hispania, the dog breed was called Canis Gallicus – meaning Gallic dog. This later gave rise to the term Galgo – for a sighthound.


Galgo Espanol life expectancy

The breed can live 12-15 years.


The breed is very healthy. The Galgo Espanol is prone to joint problems if not properly fed when young.

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