Greyhound – Agile Four-Paws Friend with a Sensitive Nature

A Greyhound can run across the terrain at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour. When the short-haul expert is really exhausted, he becomes a real couch potato at home, preferring to doze near his family. The proud and sensitive four-legged friend proves to be an affectionate family dog ​​that you should challenge in dog sports.

Proud hunting dog with ancient ancestry

The exact origin of the greyhound has not been fully clarified to this day. What is certain is that his ancestors lived a very long time ago: drawings of dogs that look very similar to today’s greyhound were found in tombs from ancient Egypt. The Celts probably introduced the greyhound around 374 BC. from the European mainland to the British Isles. Owners of Spanish greyhounds also arrived in Britain in the 16th and 17th centuries – and the breed’s breeding efforts began.

The English aristocracy used the greyhound primarily as a hunting and racing dog. Up until 2004, greyhounds in Great Britain still took part in so-called hunts for live games. Luckily that’s forbidden today.

Nature of the Greyhound

The Greyhound is an affectionate and loyal family and companion dog. If he gets enough exercise, he is very balanced and loves extensive cuddles. The intelligent four-legged friend needs constant contact with his family and is considered fond of children. Because he’s quiet and adaptable, you can take him anywhere with you. Aggressiveness and loud barking are alien to the greyhound.

However, his character is also characterized by a high urge to move and a very pronounced hunting instinct. You should definitely consider this before purchasing this breed of dog.

Greyhound training

The greyhound is an extremely sensitive fellow who does not tolerate rudeness and loud words. He, therefore, needs a gentle, empathetic upbringing. With a lot of patience and love, you can achieve a lot with this dog.

However, normal walks are not enough for the English greyhound, and the greyhound should not be let off the leash because of its strong hunting and hunting instinct. It is characterized by the need to run extensively. You can do this by letting the dog run next to the bike or by visiting special greyhound facilities with it. Sighthound clubs offer such hobby racetracks. The two disciplines of greyhound dog sport include track racing and open field coursing.

This dog sport should not be confused with professional dog racing, which is banned in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; but not in the USA, Great Britain, and Ireland.

Care of the Greyhound

When it comes to the coat, the greyhound is extremely easy to care for: the short coat does not smell like dogs and you only have to brush it every now and then with a knobbed glove.

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