“Give Paw”

This exercise of giving paws has a very basic background. This isn’t a stunt because it looks great and the neighbors like that your dog can do it, it’s actually a sign of submission and respect. So you actually promote your bond and that your darling obeys you well.

How To Do it

To begin with: In this exercise, I assume that you and your dog are already exercising the command “Down”. First, you hide a treat again, but please do so in your right hand. You kneel to the right of your darling and grab his collar – with your left hand.

Now your sweetheart’s impulse is to “make room”. Now put your right hand between your four-legged friend’s paws and let him sniff out his treat, which you are still hiding in your right hand. He will try to lie down to follow his treat, so to speak, just like in the crouch exercise.

Please use his collar to stop him from lying down and slide your right hand, in which the treat is hidden, under his paw and lift it up. Now please use the term “paw”! This one will stick after you’ve done this exercise a few times, which works without a treat once he gets the hang of it.

However, it may take a little longer in that your furry child only lifts its paw a few centimeters at first. A compliment is always required! If he manages to get his paw up high and put it on your hand, you can give him the reward treat, otherwise, just praise him.

Advanced Paw Art

If the “paw” command fits well and you are practiced, you can try another gimmick: You hide a treat in an object, such as a cardboard tube from an empty paper towel or in an empty toilet paper roll, or something similar. And in such a way that your dog can see it. He now knows that the treat is in the supposed hiding place.

Try the magic word: “paw” – if your darling touches the treat hiding place, he gets his reward. However, the most important thing about such exercises is that you both have fun doing them. Every dog ​​is basically a smart animal with goodwill and more than enough curiosity in its luggage.

By the way, it doesn’t matter in principle how you name your commands. The word that you have chosen and repeat to your darling, so to speak, again and again, he considers the right command. Have fun practicing!

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