Fila Brasileiro: Real Workhorse with Heart & Personality

The Brazilians speak proudly of their national dog: the Fila Brasileiro is a very special dog with a striking appearance. The name “Fila” derives from the Portuguese “filar”, which means “to grab” or “to hold” and refers to the powerful catch of the four-legged friends.

Mystery of their origin

The Fila’s breed history is as impenetrable as the Brazilian rainforest. As a breed, it officially appeared for the first time in 1947; it was preceded by a centuries-long development in which dog breeds such as bloodhounds, mastiffs, bulldogs, and mastiffs from the entourage of the Spanish and Portuguese colonizers may have contributed to the gene pool. The first specimens came to Germany in the 1950s, and in 1960 the breed was recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Breeding gained momentum in the seventies.

Nature of the Fila Brasileiro

The Fila inspires dog lovers with its proverbial loyalty. The dog attaches itself closely to “his” people and obediently follows him at every turn. The giant shows itself to be cuddly and gentle. He is suspicious of strangers and at the same time inspires respect. His threshold is high.

The protection and hunting instinct is in Fila’s blood. In order to channel these natural talents, the animals should be given a proper task.

Upbringing and keeping of the Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is an all-around utility dog. It excels at property protection as well as hunting and livestock guarding dogs because regardless of its weight, it is a very athletic animal. You should plan enough exercise, also in the form of long walks, when keeping this breed – a distance of 20 kilometers is not a challenge for the four-legged friend. It is an advantage if you have sufficient physical strength in case the tracker pulls on the leash.

If the Fila Brasileiro has already been socialized by the breeder and is used to dealing with people, the training requirements hardly differ from those of other dogs with a tendency to be stubborn. Treat the animal with respect and loving consistency. Obedience is the perfect dog sport for the Fila.

A kennel is out of the question for the Fila: the animal absolutely needs close family connections. However, children should never be unsupervised with their four-legged friends.

Maintenance of the Fila Brasileiro

Grooming the Fila Brasileiro is easy thanks to the short coat; regular brushing is sufficient. The deep-set eyes and heavy hanging ears require a little more attention. You should check them every day and, if necessary, clean them with a warm damp cloth.

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