Hovawart – Attentive Guard with a Great Sense of Family

The Hovawart is a loyal soul and the ideal family dog. This spirited dog is happiest when guarding the home, yard, and family. And he does it with passion and bravura. This very old German dog breed, which belongs to the category of working dogs, needs a lot of exercises and close family contact.

Proud farm dog from German lands

The Hovawart is one of the oldest German dog breeds; This faithful watchdog is mentioned in a law book from the 13th century. Its original purpose can already be deduced from its name: Hovewarte in Middle High German meant yard guard, also yard dog. The four-legged companions were therefore acting as independent guardians of belongings on farms for centuries. They were always in close contact with their families. They have retained certain independence to this day. From 1922 the Hovawart was specifically bred. Today it is one of the most popular dog breeds.

Nature of the Hovawart

Courageous, alert, and at the same time affectionate, loyal and loving – these traits characterize the Hovawart. The perfect habitat for this medium-sized dog is a yard with a yard that he can zealously guard. The self-confident four-legged friend likes it even better when a large family lives there because the Hovawart is a real pack animal: he needs constant contact with his “backup pack”.

He likes to be everywhere. He also gets along well with children if they treat him with respect and care. However, Hovawart is suspicious of strangers – his strong protective instinct comes through.

Due to its balanced character and eagerness to learn, the Hovawart is also trained as a therapy and assistance dog.

Training and husbandry of the Hovawart

The Hovawart inspires with intelligence, endurance, and temperament. It needs strong leadership and consistent training: if its owner is too weak, this dog tends to make its own decisions – after all, it has done so for centuries. The upbringing requires a lot of patience and empathy, since the Hovawart can sometimes be quite stubborn, but also sensitive. For this, you either need experience with dogs or you have to acquire the knowledge – for example with regular visits to the dog school.

In order for a Hovawart to be busy, it absolutely needs a task. In addition to guarding the “yard” and protecting its people, the intelligent dog requires plenty of exercise and mental challenges. Plan extended playtimes, long walks or bike rides every day. The Hovawart can let off steam even better with dog sports. But make sure that you don’t start the sport too early: the Hovawart is a so-called late developer and only fully grown at the age of three. Stress that is too early could impair its healthy development.

Care of the Hovawart

As far as grooming goes, this breed of dog is very uncomplicated. The dense, soft fur should be brushed and combed regularly, especially when she sheds her fur. Carefully cut off matted or sticky fur hair with scissors.

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