Weimaraner – Intelligent Hunting Dog with Close Family Ties

Shiny silver fur, bright, intensely shiny eyes – a Weimaraner is a beautiful, elegant four-legged friend. This breed of dog has a long tradition of hunting and still needs work for its head and nose to this day. Well trained and inexperienced hands, Weimaraners are also very loyal, family dogs that love children. A dog that impresses visually, but is quite demanding in keeping.

Hunting dogs with a long tradition

As the name suggests, this hunting dog breed originated in Weimar, Thuringia. As early as the 16th century, images of dogs resembling today’s Weimaraner emerged. The muscular dogs were used to hunt large game. They rummaged and chased wolves, bears, and deer. After their eradication, the number of Weimaraners dropped. Luckily, the breed was preserved and established as a certified breed. Today, the silver muscle packs take on tasks around the world in hunting, with the police, or as search dogs at customs.

Nature of the Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a strong character, independent and intelligent dog that needs loving but very clear and consistent leadership. Most representatives of this breed have a strong hunting instinct and therefore make the decision themselves to pursue game instead of listening to their owner. The Weimaraner is born with courage, tenacity, and assertiveness. Many breeders therefore only sell their puppies to prospective buyers who have experience with dogs and who can give their Weimaraner a real job.

Hunting, dog sport, or a job as a search dog are occupations that suit the gray hunting dog and challenge him physically and mentally. So busy, he can also show his soft side at home. He is considered a loving and very loyal working dog who benefits greatly from a close family connection. Weimaraners do not like to be left alone and may show this by barking or destroying furniture.

Training of the Weimaraner

Not only because of its size but also because of its high level of activity and need for exercise, the Weimaraner is not very suitable for a city apartment. A house with a large garden and active owners that he can accompany all day long is a much better environment for the elegant hunting dog.
Weimaraners grow quickly both mentally and physically, so their training should begin the day they move in. While they have a noticeable will to please, they are not afraid to question their handler either. A clear line is essential when training a Weimaraner. The highly intelligent dogs learn quickly – even things they should not learn. In untrained hands, they can easily develop bad habits and show aggression.

Care of the Weimaraner

The velvety gray coat is easy to care for. If necessary, wash it with some shampoo. Regular brushing has two benefits: it strengthens the bond between dog and owner and it also ensures a shiny coat. In addition to the short-haired Weimaraner, there is also a rarer, long-haired variant, these dogs need a little more grooming. Apart from clipping the claws and checking and cleaning the lop ears, no further grooming is required. With good care, a Weimaraner can live up to 14 years.

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