How to Choose the Right Puppy

Choosing the right puppy from a litter is no easy task. Read here what can help you with this difficult decision.

All puppies are sweet and cute. It is also a fact that puppies are easier to train and shape compared to adult dogs. When they move into their new home at 8 to 12 weeks, they are extremely willing to learn and adapt. But they are no longer a “blank slate”. There are a few aspects you can pay attention to in order to choose the right puppy.

The personal visit

It is essential to see the puppies personally at the breeders. This is the only way to get an idea of ​​the dog with whom you will share many years of your life. Make sure you take plenty of time to observe the puppies and visit the breeder several times.

However, you should wait until the puppies and bitch are fully recovered from the birth before making your first visit. Also, it makes more sense to watch the puppies when they are a few weeks old.

The playing behavior reveals the character

In every litter, there are quiet, bright, and affectionate puppies. Watch the dogs closely to find out how each one tick. It can be particularly revealing to observe the puppies’ play behavior: there are indications of certain character traits.

Caution should be exercised with very reserved puppies: they are often popular with interested parties because they awaken the human protective instinct. However, anxious puppies should only be placed on inexperienced hands, since their reserved nature can sometimes develop into problematic behavior.

The dog decides

Following your intuition and picking the pup you like the best right from the start can be a good inspiration. However, it is always wise to observe the puppy’s behavior.

If a puppy approaches you curiously, that’s usually a good sign. You should not underestimate such signals: If a puppy finds a stranger sympathetic, this can point to a promising future. You should always consider how the puppy reacts to you and whether there is mutual sympathy.

Consider the breeder’s advice

You can get important information about your favorite from the breeder. After all, he looks after the litter around the clock and knows the individual puppies better. A good breeder will recognize which people are suitable for which dogs and can give you a professional assessment. You should definitely take his recommendations into account in order to decide on the right puppy in a litter.

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