This is How The Dog Learns to Stay Alone

The dog is a pack animal that always wants to stay in contact with its pack. You have to get him used to the loneliness step by step. You can find out here how you can get your dog used to being left alone without stress.

How easy it is to get the dog used to being left alone for some time depends a lot on the dog’s age. Training a young dog is still very easy. But even an older dog that has always had family connections can learn to bridge the ownerless time if you have a little patience. Today, hardly any dog ​​can enjoy paradise on earth with the constant presence of its people. That’s why he has to learn as early as possible that being alone for a few hours is part of normal everyday life.

Teaching a puppy to be alone

The easiest way is to train puppies that are new to the family. His internal clock adjusts to the human rhythm of life. You can take advantage of that. How to be goal-oriented

  • After a long period of play, when the puppy is exhausted and sleepy nibbling on the chewing bone in its basket, leave the room without a word and close the door.
  • After a few minutes, during which the little one didn’t seem to realize he was alone, come back and give him a treat.
  • Next time, extend the time you’re away and combine your return with a fun play session.
  • Keep stretching your night out and never come back without “good news”.

Slowly but surely, the young dog associates your departure with good expectations. If you always make sure he gets enough exercise before you leave, put him in his basket, and offer him a chew bone or a toy to pass the time, he’ll include those two items in the cycle as well.

Show consistency

Being alone doesn’t always work out right at the beginning. If the puppy cries pitifully the first time because he feels abandoned despite all the maneuvers, you need to be firm. Make him howl even if it breaks your heart. Realize that if you don’t, he’ll directly link your return to his howling. The result: he will whine louder and longer in order to bring you back faster and more safely.

Therefore, wait until he finally calms down and then comes back – with your dog surprise. Be consistent in the first few weeks and you will have a dog for life that will while away the waiting time daydreaming instead of venting its frustration on your furniture or neighbors.

Getting adult dogs and shelter dogs used to be alone

Simple tricks don’t pay off as quickly in adult dogs as they do in puppies. Nevertheless, you proceed in the same way as with a puppy. What you need is a little more patience. Before you get an adult dog, you should still find out beforehand whether the dog can be left alone at all. Shelter dogs in particular often suffer from separation anxiety. In such a case, you cannot avoid getting professional help.

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