Healthier Dry Food Through Meat Juice Cooking

Dogs play an important role in our lives. From being a mere helper to the hunt, a guard dog, and much more, you have become a member of the family. That is why they should stay healthy and live as long as possible.

Nutrients are Retained

Healthy dog ​​nutrition is, therefore, more in demand than ever, including dry food. Dog owners like to use dry food that has been produced using the meat juice cooking method. The process preserves nutrients significantly better. Because it is made at low temperatures, the natural flavors are not lost. In addition, it is easier to digest and does not swell in the stomach. The dog does not get a food belly, which in turn reduces the risk of gastric torsion.

Lots of Calories, Few Fresh Types of Meat

The variety of dog food is similar to that of ready meals for humans. Numerous retail brands offer different types of food from wet and dry food to nutritional supplements and treats. Regardless of whether you buy branded products or rely on the generally cheaper products from discounters, a look at the ingredients quickly makes it clear that the fresh meat content in dry food is usually rather low or non-existent. One reason for this is the manufacturing process.

The extrusion process ensures poor quality

In the conventional production method for dry food, the extrusion process used by manufacturers such as Bosch, Josera, and Wolfsblut, dried meat flour or animal proteins are processed with water and at very high temperatures under pressure to form a malleable dough, pressed through nozzles and cut into small pieces and then dried. Due to the natural fluctuations, large quantities of fresh meat cannot be processed at all, otherwise, the croquettes would fall apart.

Lots of fresh meat when cooking meat juice

It is different from meat juice cooking. Fresh meat is cooked in its own juice at a low temperature over a long period of time. The result is dry food that meets the dog’s natural nutritional needs. Thanks to the high proportion of fresh meat, this dry food does not subsequently swell up in the stomach. This is a great advantage over extruded food, as this multiplies the volume on contact with the liquid in the dog’s stomach, causing a food belly. If the dog that has been fed the extruder feed moves too soon, it can lead to a torsion of the stomach.

From Carnivore to Omnivore

Of course, over the millennia, dogs have gone from being purely carnivores to becoming omnivores. In the course of domestication, he inevitably came into contact with human food, he got the leftovers from the kitchen. Strays feed on garbage, after all, there are hardly any opportunities to hunt in our cities. Therefore, the dog had to adapt in this respect as well. This was the only way he could ensure his survival.

Despite this, his digestive system is still not able to process everything that man eats. Onions, for example, are poison for dogs, as are grapes and raisins, avocados, and raw potatoes. Dogs also develop allergies, for example to cereals containing gluten. The feed manufacturers reacted to this with appropriately adapted types of feed. Some dog owners try to restore the natural diet through the so-called “Barfen”. However, eating only raw meat, fish and vegetables also have disadvantages. For example, there can be an oversupply or undersupply of nutrients, which can damage the dog’s organism. The germs that are harmful to dogs and humans must also be taken into account with BARF nutrition.

Lots of Flavors Thanks to Meat Juice Cooking

A healthy dog ​​diet is characterized by balance. All nutrients must be included. It should also be easy to store and easy to feed. Of course, it should also taste good. Dry food from meat juice cooking meets all of these requirements. Cooking in its own juice at low temperatures is also used in human cooking, precisely because this method means fewer nutrients and flavors are lost. And that’s what matters when it comes to nutrition for humans and dogs alike: it has to be healthy and taste as good as possible.

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